Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Hook on my Heart

I have been wanting to get something near my vanity to hang my necklaces. Every time I go to stores I see sort of what I'm looking for, but sometimes too expensive, and some aren't the right height since I have many long necklaces. I have also seen many pinterest ideas like long wooden pieces with cute knobs, cork board frames, or rakes transformed to necklace hangers. I didn't hate any of those ideas, I just wanted to try something I hadn't seen, but that was very easy and inexpensive. 

 While I was at the Michaels looking for cork sheets to potentially make a cork board frame for my necklaces, I saw these cute wood shapes with a hook. I thought, "perfect!!!" What makes the find even better, they were 75 cents each!!! They have a floral pattern that wasn't bad, but didn't necessarly match our bedroom. 

So I decided to paint them solid colors. I went with pink, white, and gold. The colors together are just so pretty!

I painted a first coat on the hearts, and let them dry, and painted a second coat. It all dried relatively fast since I used acrylic paint. 

Oh, and how fun are the edges? They have fun sparkly silver glitter already on them! 

Once it was all dried, I hung the hearts staggered on the wall, and placed my necklaces on them. They look so cute over my vanity! I am glad I painted the hearts. They really pop, and give my vanity space the edge it needed!! If you want to try adding designs on it, it would be cute too! (a cute polka design?)

This whole project cost me less than $5!!

heart hooks- $3.75
paints- $0 (since I had paint already)
sponge brushes- $.15

Can't get any cheaper than that!!! I think the heart hooks are on clearance at the moment, so go get them while supplies last!! Hope you try this easy and resourceful project! It really will keep your necklaces organized!


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