Sunday, September 1, 2013

L.A. Eats

One of my favorite things to do is trying new places to eat. I just love yummy food! I wanted to share some of my favorite places to eat here in L.A.

Fine dining- Patina 
I'm sure I've mentioned this place before since I've gone a couple times. But if you haven't heard of it, it's attached to the exterior of the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Downtown Los Angeles. The prices are little higher, but the quality and experience is one of a kind.

Mid-range- The Little Door
The Little Door is beautiful first of all! But it is more of a casual vibe, but you can totally throw on a dress too! And the food is good portion, and affordable. And if you go a little early, you can always hang out at The Grove since it's just down the street.

Low Cost- Rustic Eatery
This place is right about 5 minutes from me. It's in Valencia, and just down the street from Six Flags Magic Mountain. It's pretty new, but since it's opened, I've probably have been there over a dozen times. Their pork belly is amazing, and their house salad & citrus homemade dressing is delicious. 

Dessert- Rita's

Apparently Rita's has been around...but not in L.A. until recently. I was a little apprehensive about frozen custard, but let me tell you, it's wonderful! I usually get the Gelati, which is frozen custard with flavored italian, and more frozen custard swirled on top.  It' actually really light, and flavorful! The hype is real. 

There are other places I could name or even divide restaurants by categories, but I'll leave that for another day. You can count on that! 

Hope this post made you hungry!!!! And Happy Labor Day!

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