Thursday, September 26, 2013

Railing Off

This week I finally started and finished a project I have been wanting to start months ago. See, I have these stair railings that I was 'eh' about. Nothing was wrong with them. The color of the wood just seemed a little 90's and outdated. The stairs never popped to me, and I felt like the way the stairs are designed, it should pop when you come into the house.
I really wanted to stain the wood a deep dark brown/black wood. The tricky party with this whole project is that we have carpet on the steps, and upstairs. So the key to not messing up the stairs was taping everything up! I personally don't like carpet on steps, but they are there and no real step underneath unless we re-do the whole staircase. 

I duct taped the rug part because painters tape wasn't sticking on.

 Then I used painter's tape on the rods (bottom & top)
Then the staining began! Oh, and make sure to open those windows before you start because the smell is strong!  

 And as for the color...I went with ebony! I love it! I feel like the contrast with the white was perfect, and it made the stairs look modern! 

It took me a couple days to do everything. The stain says it dries in an hour. It technically does, but not really. It still can be sticky and I recommend not touching it for 24 hours. 


We have so much white open space in the house, which I love, but the light wood just made the space look dingy. The ebony pops, gives it it's edge, and has personality. Now all I'm thinking is, "why didn't I do it sooner!"

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