Wednesday, November 20, 2013

And finally...Paris

Here are the last round of photos from our last stop, Paris! 

One of my favorite things about Paris was the yummy food, and amazing pastries! I was in love!

Visiting the Palace of Versailles on a rainy day

 Oh, Angelina! This place was amazing. Do you see that pastry in the back? Melted in my mouth! And they have the most delicious hot chocolate I've ever had!

 At the Louvre!

 What a lovely fall day!

 Au Bougnat! LOOOOOOOOVE this place! charming and amazingly good!

 Crossing the river to get to the tower!

 Montmartre. This place was a dream!

 Garden of Versailles!

More Montmartre!

 And finally, another fall day in Versailles!


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