Tuesday, November 26, 2013

House Crashing: Swearing by Stain

I talk about stain a lot. I swear by it, I swear! Staining transforms things into new pieces, and I just love that!

My sister has been wanting to change her wood mantle shelf for a while now, and I was all about helping her out!

Here's a before of her mantle. 
 We cleaned the mantle, deglossed it, and sanded it before we started to sand. If you need more detailed directions, you can check it out here

And here's the after:
 Here's a detailed of the mantle. I love when you can still see the wood grain!
And here is the overall look! Makes it look more modern and updated. And it also let's the bricks pop on their own. I think it turned out great!



  1. Thank you...looks 100 times better! Now off to the stairs! :)


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