Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Wrapped Around

L.A. Hasn't gotten the memo that it's fall yet and warm weather is still there sticking around. But in stores, is scarves season! And my suggestion, it's always a good idea to buy a cute scarf! Usually I use some to be more stylish, but warming you up is another option! Haha! 

Being in a lot cooler weather these past couple weeks, scarves have been my life saver! I am actually more determined to buy more! These are on my to-buy list! 
1. This red knit infinity one is awesome. A good one from eBay! 

2. Polka dots! Jcrew's styling is getting more and more impressive to me! 

3. Another infinity! But with more of a fun pattern. Target does it again. :) 

4. Stunning scarf from Old Navy! Can you believe it? Soooo stylish, and I want it now! 

So, have you been stocking up on your scarves? I sure have, and probably will be stocking up with more! 


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