Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Blushing New Year

2014 is about change, and doing things you normally wouldn't do. Mostly, approaching change with willingness. For me, I tend not to dress in blush and pale colors even though it could be so pretty. You would think I would because these colors match my blog colors perfectly, but I'm quite the opposite. I like bold bright colors, and I definitely appreciate soft colors too. This year I want to add a little more blush and nude colors into my wardrobe. It may not seem like a big risk, but simplicity sometimes is. And I feel with the new year, this palette can also be refreshing!
Blushing New Year

Chevron top
This beautiful top can be such an essental piece to whatever bottom you want to wear! 

Witchery short shorts
These shorts are so unique, and so fun! Loving the knot!

Tabitha Simmons slip on shoes
These flats are adorable! And look like comfort chic! 
Kate spade jewelry
Kate Spade does no wrong, love this bangle watch!! 

Prada sunglasses
The shape and color of these glasses are amazing! Might be my new 2014 sunnies!

Urban Decay blush
Urban Decay's Naked palettes are amazing, but have you seen the blush? I love this because you can mix shades on different moods you may be in with your make up! 

Dorothy Perkins Heart Sweater
LOOOOOOOOVE this sweater! 

Are you loving blush & nudes as much as me? I am so ready to start the new year refreshed!


Thursday, December 26, 2013

First Day

Guess what guys???  This week was the first day of our big project! And what is this project? Well, we are getting our master bathroom remodeled! It's a big project, and we hired help and the whole shabang. We are changing the configuration of our room completely. We really tried to live with the bathroom, and tried to do some small updates, but everything we did didn't actually make it better.

First, the bathroom is weirdly shaped. It's kind of 'L' shaped, and it to has an open sink area and the shower and the toilet are in another room. And there is a giant garden window in the shower area! So big, we have to have a dark curtain or else you could see the goods! It is bizarre why they put that sort of window in there. So much wasted space and the fixtures were not the greatest. No one should ever combine gold, and silver into a faucet, or even have a shell-like shaped sink top! I'm sure now you understand why we had to gut the whole thing. The bathroom use to be worst. The wall had a yucky dark yellow paint, and gross palm tree wallpaper border. I really looked past that because I could change paint, and remove the paper. I think the past owners were going for a tropical theme. Not quite sure. But even the light grey paint only made it a tiny bit better. I wish we had more pictures how it was before. But how we lived with it the past year and a half really wasn't any better.

We aren't only doing our master bathroom, but we also are getting a new walk-in closet since the one we had before is where the new bathroom will be. We are basically reconfiguring the whole space! And we also are making our bedroom smaller. Realistically, we technically are making it it's original size. The previous owners knocked down a wall the master and the bedroom next to it into a giant bedroom. So our master bedroom was enormous! We wanted to gain the extra bedroom back for future kids (mom, we are not expecting), so we are just planning ahead.

 This is the view from the outside of our room. We don't have a door to the bathroom sink area, and the shower is around the corner. 

Here's the giant window in the shower area! Huge, right?? And gross too! And the toilet is also in that room. No privacy. Haha!

 This oddly shaped sink with the gold and silver faucet. Fancy...not! 

The tiles were not my favorite, and the vanities were very large. And the mirrors were too big as well. 

And here is a view of our messy room that looks into the additional room. This eventually will be a wall in between these two areas. 

At the moment, the room bathroom and closet are completely demolished. So weird to see it bare. Will share pictures of the progress soon! Wish us luck! 


Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Card

We usually use a picture of our "big" event that happened during the year, and this year was our trip to Europe!

Have a Merry & Blessed Christmas everyone! 

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Charlie Brown Christmas

Christmas is almost here. And I am so very excited.  I love it this time of year, and this year it kind of just sprung up on me! Did that same thing happen to you? Well, with all the craziness this time of year, I feel like I haven't really processed and reflected on the real meaning of the season.

My favorite movie this time of year is A Charlie Brown Christmas. It always reminds me the importance of Christmas, the birth of Jesus.

And this soundtrack is Christmas to me. It reminds me of my childhood completely. 
Hope you have time to stop and breathe and think about what Christmas means to you. Like Charlie Brown says, " I won't let all this commercialism ruin my Christmas." Hehe. 


Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sparkly Home

I'm sure you've noticed glitter, sequin, and all things sparkly are totally on trend with fashion this season. But how about adding some sparkle into your home?? Yes, please!

This dream garland is amazing! I would love it on my mantle or over our bed! The possibilities are endless!
Can we just talk about this throw Pillow? SOOOOO fun! And the colors...I can't even. 

How about some glitter in the morning? This gold mug can seriously make your morning. 

I cannot get over this deer frame. It's soo adorable!!!!! Sequin at it's best!

decorative letter is a must in a home. This colorful sparkly one is right up my alley!

Add some sparkle in your home! I simply can't wait.


Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Many times when I'm home and I'm just running errands and tidying up my house, I want to just stay in P.J's. I don't, but I really would like to stay in lazy comfy clothes. But I notice if I stay in my P.J.'s too much into the morning, I actually become more lazy! Is it just me?

One thing that always helps me feel more productive is when I get dressed. I think the way you see yourself totally reflects your mood and attitude. For example, last week I was sick and wanted to lounge in my new warm polka dot pajamas. Sounded fantastic until I remembered I still had a list of errands I needed to get done. So I forced myself to get up, change to cute clothes, and even managed to get a bit of makeup on to brighten up my face (and of course took some medicine too). I walked into store feeling better and more confident, and I didn't feel so sorry for myself for being sick because I looked okay, and actually felt okay as well! 

I always found getting dressed in the morning to be a good tip. Sometimes even if you don't feel like you want to, just do it. It honestly just takes like 15 minutes of your day. It's all about baby steps! And I'm not saying appearance is everything, because it's not! But for me, when I choose to look better and I tend to have a better day.

And those are my two cents!


Monday, December 9, 2013

holiday yellow

Usually for the holidays, people tend to wear red or green. Love reds and greens, but my thought is why not try another fun pop of color. I recommend something unexpected like yellow! The yellow I love is more a mustard yellow. The color is very bright, but not sunny summer yellow.

Of course you need a great tailored coat. Instead of a black coat, grey can also be a color that can match with about anything. Especially pairing it with yellow.

And finally,  a nice winter blue could be perfect pairing with the yellow. Using it to accessorize or in a nail polish can be very subtle & trendy. And don't forget to add some sparkle! The sequin heel is perfect!!! Swooning over these!
holiday sparkle
Yellow dress

Belted coat

Todd reed ring

Essie nail polish

Flash Bobby Pin Set | ban.do

Can all these things be on my Christmas Wish List??? Loving all of it! 

And don't forget to get out of the red or green this holiday! Try something unexpected!


Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Christmas Playlist

So Christmas is around the corner. It's officially the season! And I am so very excited! I love this time of year. Everything about it, especially the meaning of Christmas! But what always gets me in the spirit is the music! Some people get sick of it, but not me. I love the classics with good ol' Bing, and some newer albums like She & Him's. Here's my Christmas playlist! Enjoy!

This will definitely be playing this while I decorate my tree!!!

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