Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Many times when I'm home and I'm just running errands and tidying up my house, I want to just stay in P.J's. I don't, but I really would like to stay in lazy comfy clothes. But I notice if I stay in my P.J.'s too much into the morning, I actually become more lazy! Is it just me?

One thing that always helps me feel more productive is when I get dressed. I think the way you see yourself totally reflects your mood and attitude. For example, last week I was sick and wanted to lounge in my new warm polka dot pajamas. Sounded fantastic until I remembered I still had a list of errands I needed to get done. So I forced myself to get up, change to cute clothes, and even managed to get a bit of makeup on to brighten up my face (and of course took some medicine too). I walked into store feeling better and more confident, and I didn't feel so sorry for myself for being sick because I looked okay, and actually felt okay as well! 

I always found getting dressed in the morning to be a good tip. Sometimes even if you don't feel like you want to, just do it. It honestly just takes like 15 minutes of your day. It's all about baby steps! And I'm not saying appearance is everything, because it's not! But for me, when I choose to look better and I tend to have a better day.

And those are my two cents!


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