Thursday, December 26, 2013

First Day

Guess what guys???  This week was the first day of our big project! And what is this project? Well, we are getting our master bathroom remodeled! It's a big project, and we hired help and the whole shabang. We are changing the configuration of our room completely. We really tried to live with the bathroom, and tried to do some small updates, but everything we did didn't actually make it better.

First, the bathroom is weirdly shaped. It's kind of 'L' shaped, and it to has an open sink area and the shower and the toilet are in another room. And there is a giant garden window in the shower area! So big, we have to have a dark curtain or else you could see the goods! It is bizarre why they put that sort of window in there. So much wasted space and the fixtures were not the greatest. No one should ever combine gold, and silver into a faucet, or even have a shell-like shaped sink top! I'm sure now you understand why we had to gut the whole thing. The bathroom use to be worst. The wall had a yucky dark yellow paint, and gross palm tree wallpaper border. I really looked past that because I could change paint, and remove the paper. I think the past owners were going for a tropical theme. Not quite sure. But even the light grey paint only made it a tiny bit better. I wish we had more pictures how it was before. But how we lived with it the past year and a half really wasn't any better.

We aren't only doing our master bathroom, but we also are getting a new walk-in closet since the one we had before is where the new bathroom will be. We are basically reconfiguring the whole space! And we also are making our bedroom smaller. Realistically, we technically are making it it's original size. The previous owners knocked down a wall the master and the bedroom next to it into a giant bedroom. So our master bedroom was enormous! We wanted to gain the extra bedroom back for future kids (mom, we are not expecting), so we are just planning ahead.

 This is the view from the outside of our room. We don't have a door to the bathroom sink area, and the shower is around the corner. 

Here's the giant window in the shower area! Huge, right?? And gross too! And the toilet is also in that room. No privacy. Haha!

 This oddly shaped sink with the gold and silver faucet. Fancy...not! 

The tiles were not my favorite, and the vanities were very large. And the mirrors were too big as well. 

And here is a view of our messy room that looks into the additional room. This eventually will be a wall in between these two areas. 

At the moment, the room bathroom and closet are completely demolished. So weird to see it bare. Will share pictures of the progress soon! Wish us luck! 


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