Monday, December 9, 2013

holiday yellow

Usually for the holidays, people tend to wear red or green. Love reds and greens, but my thought is why not try another fun pop of color. I recommend something unexpected like yellow! The yellow I love is more a mustard yellow. The color is very bright, but not sunny summer yellow.

Of course you need a great tailored coat. Instead of a black coat, grey can also be a color that can match with about anything. Especially pairing it with yellow.

And finally,  a nice winter blue could be perfect pairing with the yellow. Using it to accessorize or in a nail polish can be very subtle & trendy. And don't forget to add some sparkle! The sequin heel is perfect!!! Swooning over these!
holiday sparkle
Yellow dress

Belted coat

Todd reed ring

Essie nail polish

Flash Bobby Pin Set |

Can all these things be on my Christmas Wish List??? Loving all of it! 

And don't forget to get out of the red or green this holiday! Try something unexpected!



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