Tuesday, January 7, 2014

New Year, New Bath?

Happy 2014! I guess I haven't posted since the 31st! Oops! Well, theres no update at the moment on our bathroom. It's still demolished without progress. The reason being is that we are waiting for the city to approve our plans, and had to get an architect to draw them out. This whole process feels tedious, and I am trying to be patient, but the whole master bath and walk-in closet loss is making our life a little tricky. We currently have all of our clothes in our spare bedroom. It looks like a mess! And the bathroom we are using, thankfully, is upstairs next to our room. It is smaller with less counter space, but we are making it work. Having a Tim Gunn moment! Anyway, in the meantime I am throughly thinking on the style of our bathroom. Here are some of my bathroom inspirations!

This bathroom is so pretty! 

Gah, that shower!

What a lovely bath area!

This tub is amazing! 

All these bathrooms are so inspiring!!! 

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