Sunday, January 19, 2014

Yay Sports!

I don't really know much about sports. I was brought up around it because my dad and brother love all sports so I  kind of knew who was who, but I honestly had and still don't have any interest in it.  I'm that kind of gal that usually watches sports events like the Super Bowl, maybe half a game of one of the NBA finals...I think you get the point. So when The Girls With Glasses wanted to do 'The Cutest Super Bowl Party Ever', I was all about it.  Cute decor, yummy food, and making a boring game fun? I'm in!  You can watch the video here!

Oh, and I make an appearance! Can you see how much of a sports fan I pretend to be? Haha! Oh jeez, my "acting" skills! This is why I am usually behind the camera!

 The Girls behind the scenes! 

 The fun and yummy table with goodies! (and cookies I made!)

Because sport scores aren't important, the girls make a sports scoreboard menu! My kind of party!

And girls ready to watch 'the game'! 

So are you ready for the Super Bowl? This year, make it the cutest! 

xoxo, Priscilla 

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