Monday, February 10, 2014

Cowboys & Indians

Cowboys & Indians is a theme that can be so fun, but yet so hard. This weekend, I was asked to make a cake themed on just that. I was very much influenced by Hostess With The Mostest Blog cake (as you can see), but I had to figure out how to incorporate some cowboys in there too. I decided to go with nice simple details, and not overcomplicate the cake. HWTM did a wonderful job, that I wanted to do the same, but with some cowboy stuff on there too. 

 The colors color palette was wonderful, that I wanted to stick to that color scheme.

 I added the sheriff badge, lasso, bandana, and cowboy hat. The tent and fire were the original idea of HWTM. 

Then of course, every 1st birthday needs a smash cake!

Here's the finished product. I was very happy with the outcome! Can I have a cowboy and indian party now????? (oh, and I am so in love with my jadeite cake stand my friend Brooke gave me...can't stop staring!) 


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