Tuesday, February 4, 2014

January Jams

Last month, I had my 'January Jams' playlist. It was mostly girly upbeat music. It was suppose to me more a workout mix. Well, the reason for that was because I was working out and trying to get fit..That lasted till about the last week of January. (last week of the month was too busy for me to workout) , but I'm committing to continue on this workout, and eating healthy stride I've been on.

You would think I started working out because of the new year, and resolutions and such. But I actually started working out because one day I was thinking about how I was in great shape when I was a runner in high school, and realized that was over 10 years ago!!! What in the world? I have not been in amazing shape in 10 years? It was a tad depressing to be completely honest. Luckily, I have stayed at a stable weight, but I rather work on my fitness now rather than later, and later realizing that I have gained more weight and it's harder for me to lose. Being toned is more my goal, and eating a little bit better. I still will indulge on my sweet tooth, but instead of 10 bites, let's make it more like 3!

Here's a little taste of my January Jams.

January Jams by priscillachang on Grooveshark

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