Monday, February 3, 2014

January Sweets Round Up

Where did the time go? January flew by. And I was a little M.I.A...I got so busy towards the end of the month, and my house so crazy still with the renovations that I haven't been able to get a handle on my regular routine. 

Anyhow, sounds like I'm venting. (and I probably am, just a little) But I wanted to share some of the cakes and baked goods I made this month. 

 One of my favorite cakes this month. Ombre rose cake seems to be a popular one, mostly because it's so pretty to look at!

  A slab of marshmallow, you know I'm all about it! And this marshmallow is a new recipe that I will be sharing soon. (the best recipe I've tried thus far!)

 I already shared this alfajores recipe, but honestly, one of my highlights of January! 

 A new pipping techniche I tired a couple days ago, and let's just's here to stay. And so very easy! 

And of course, it was my sweet nephew's birthday and he wanted a Paw Patrol cake. So I made him a fun festive cake for his 4th birthday! I really didn't know how to approach this cake since Paw Patrol is so new so I stuck with Fondant characters, the Paw Patrol logo, and lots of paws!! 

And that's my sweet January round up!

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