Friday, February 14, 2014

Marquee Light Special

I have been wanting a marquee light for my house for quite some time. I went online to see how much they cost, and holy cow...they are pricey. My eye was looking for a heart marquee. Not too many are available. Then I saw a certain store have one for $20 online, and when I went to go check it out,  it was so dinky! It was about the size of my hand. To be honest, I thought about the idea of making one for some time. I was a little scared that it would end up being a big flop, but I decided to finally try it earlier this week.

I went with the easy way to create a marquee light, and by easy, I also mean cheap! This all you need, believe it or not. 

Poster Board (buy at craft store)
Foam Board (also at the craft store)
Spray Paint (hardware store)
Clear Glass String Lights (target currently has them on sale for $10)
Hot Glue (have already)
Scissors (have already as well)

First I created a heart shape with the foam board. It's important that your main shape is thick foam so it can be nice and sturdy. I free handed my heart, but you can always use a template before you cut if you're not too sure on your freehand skills. 

Then, cut out 3 inch wide strips. These will be used for the sides of your heart.

 You will need 3 strips cut out long ways, or as many as you think to go all along the edge of your heart. For me, it was only three strips.

Then, before any gluing or spray painting gets done. You must plan your light placement! This depends on how many bulbs are on your string lights. I had 25 so I planned all 25 lights by sketching with a pencil, and making sure they were all evenly placed.

I also sketched the circles about the size of the bulb as well so it helps when it's time to puncture the hole.

Let the puncturing begin. I have no real technique for this. I did it with the scissor I already had and they worked pretty well. 

Now you can start hot gluing the edges. I suggest putting the hot glue on the foam edge since it has some thickness to it, and lay the poster paper strips onto it. make sure to press the strips when you attach it to the foam for extra sturdiness. Do it all around and it should be ready to spray paint!

I chose a gold to spray paint. I like gold, if you haven't noticed! I just love how it sprays. But you can do any color! Let it dry for about 2 hours. 
When it's time to add the string lights you must first take off all the bulbs off the string so you don't brake them.

I pushed the bottoms of where the bulb attaches through the foam board. I did it from bottom right to left in a zig zag upwards form. This way it didn't cause tangling, and  kept things neat.
(*Also, I forgot to take a picture of this step, but I added frame wire to the back so that way I can hang up. Sorry for no picture!)

 Once done, you can start screwing in the bulbs. Yay!

Since I was hanging the heart a little higher up, I added a white simple extension cord. It's very light that it doesn't make the heart heavier. Also, I knew where exactly I wanted to hang the marquee light, right over my record player.

And here it is lit up! I'm so happy with the turnout that I just might make something else! This project cost me right under $20!! Woo hoo! 

Have a happy Valentine's Day with any loved ones out there! Spread the love. 

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