Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Minty World

I live down the street from World Market. It's very convenient, but also very tempting. Even more so when you get explorer coupons online. Total weakness. Anyhow, because I go so much, I got a $10 reward coupon. $10 at World Market is enough to snag something small, but fun. So I decided to go and look around and I found the most amazing mint soup crocks for only $4.99 each! Score! 

But while I was there, I noticed how many great things they have in mint for the kitchen. I LOVE any shade of that color, and for the kitchen? C'mon, they are killing me. It was so hard to just leave with soup crocks, but I went with the intent to only spend the $10 in rewards. But here are some of my favorite items I saw at World Market

1. Soup Crock. These are the ones I purchased. Could not leave the store without 'em!

2. Tinted Glass Water Bottle. I have been loving glass water bottles. Been drinking a whole lot of water lately because of it! 

3. Tea Strainer. What an amazing ceramic tea strainer. Love the detail on the handle.

4. Cast Iron Tea Kettle. I love a lot of cast iron tea kettles so I usually don't shop for any, but this one? I want!

5. Scalloped Cookie Jar- Been eyeing this one every time I walk in!

6.Star Whisk. As a baker, I love whisks. But this one is so fun and such a great price not to grab. 

7. Square Cookie Cutters. I love that these cookie cutters come in variety of sizes! I love stuff like that, and I especially love the scalloped edges.

8. Magnetic Timer. This magnetic timer is perfect to put up on the fridge. So sleek and classic looking, but has tons of style.

9.Mason Jar Vase- I am the kind of gal that loves flowers in my kitchen. These are perfect for any kitchen!

P.S. Mostly likely I will be going back to World Market to get a few of these items. Happy Valentines to me! Haha! 


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