Friday, March 28, 2014

5 Easter Sweets

My biggest obsession are sweets. So it's no surprise that I find an excuse to bake and eat sweets whatever chance I get. I'm sure you have seen my homemade peeps I already made last month, but I'm trying to think of another next sweet treat to make for Easter. So of course I went to the internet to get inspired. So many creative people out there, I love it. Here are 5 easter treats you gotta try this season!

How cute are these covered strawberries from handmade charlotte??? Carrot cuteness for the win!

I just can't even handle this right now! Egg donuts from Sugar Hero! Oh, and they have filling inside!!!

These cake pops are so fun!! So creative from Hungry Happenings! Love that bunny bottom!

So simple, but so spring time! Love these cookies from No. 2 Pencil!

This chick macarons are just way too cute to eat! Love these adorable treats from foodista.

Has this been a cuteness overload, or what? So dang adorable! Well, I don't know about you, but I'm so ready for easter and baking! Love to be inspired by others! Happy Friday!


Wednesday, March 26, 2014


I have been so busy lately. And by busy, I mean I have been doing random thing I normally don't do, therefore I have not caught up on my to-do list. I love doing things I don't get to do that often, but I tend to get off track, and it's hard to get back to routine. Don't get me wrong, the past couple weeks have been fun filled. Last week was my nephew's spring break, and I spent practically the whole week with him. It was fun, but boy, was I drained! Then this week I had the chance to catch up with various gal pals that I usually don't see. It was so great too. But now I must get back to business.

Thankfully today, I got started on cleaning some rooms and also have been maintaing the house to stay clean. Phew, it's hard. So much to do, and honestly, I don't always feel up to doing some things, even fun projects. I just get in a 'blah' mood. Does that happen to you? But I just gotta remind myself how blessed, and loved I am and that alone makes me feel motivated, even if it's just to clean or do whatever it is I'm doing. I thank God even while I'm cleaning for providing a place to clean. Sounds weird, but that kind of stuff makes me keep going, and stay grateful. So if you have been feeling unmotivated lately, know that you are not alone. Sometimes( a lot of times) I am dragging my feet to get stuff done. And a lot of times, not all gets done! But I am trying the best I can,  and more importantly, trying to be better at what I lack. So remember, no one has it figured out. Just realize how blessed you are.

Have a great rest of a week. Today is definitely a hump day!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

GWG Fabric Chandelier Video

Hey guys! Remember that fabric chandelier I made a few months back for The Girls With Glasses glamping ulive video? Well, guess what? My friend ,Brooke White, made a DIY video on how to make this pretty piece. And I helped with the filming of it. So please excuse my video skills! I'm no pro!

You can make this fabric chandelier for any room. We first made it for a tent, but Brooke made it for her daughter's room. And recently, I also made a fabric chandelier for my mom too. She actually used it as the main focal point in a bedroom/ playroom she uses for all the grandkids. And let me just tell ya, they love it! I have my chandelier near a skylight in my house. Maybe you can spot it in my house tour!  Seriously, they can go anywhere, and be any size. And best of's super easy!


Monday, March 24, 2014

Speak French To Me

These French phrase Tees are in full trend this spring season! Have you noticed? I got myself a 'merci' tee a few weeks ago from J.Crew that I had been eyeing that finally went on sale. But if you're looking for one of these t-shirts, you don't have to look too much further!So many stores are carrying them now! Here are a few of my faves! 

(left to right)

Top Row: 
Love Conquers All from J.Crew. Sold out online, but I have seen them in all their stores.
Anthro Tee (ps. Not sure on the translation, I think, "queen of beaches?" but I don't really know! haha!
Urban Outfitters tee. Love that the writing is on the side. 

Middle Row:
Do you speak French? tee from H&M! I think a french saying most of us know! 
Paper Moon tee from Anthro which I'm over the moon for! 
Tres Jolie tee for only $14.95! Lovely!

Bottom Row:
Nordstrom Eiffel tower tee. Love the v-neck! 
Moi cropped top from Forever21. perfect tee for spring! 
J'adore the Coast tee from Old Navy. Spring stripes for the win!

Go get your French on!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Spring Grooving

via sweet peony press

This week, I created a Spring Cleaning playlist. Because guess what? It's spring officially as of yesterday!  But seriously, Spring cleaning can be done in small fragments of time. My playlist is about a total of 30 minutes. And I choose things to clean that I've been meaning to do, and just never get to it. For example, cleaning my bathroom. Do a daily playlist, and choose different areas in your house to organize and clean. This playlist I'm sharing for today was for my bedroom. I did my bed, picked up clothes, and put laundry away. The upbeat music made it easier, and I danced my way from one side to the other too... Enjoy! And have a great Friday! Let me know if any of ya started spring cleaning! 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Bedroom, New Room

With our "new" master bedroom, we wanted to kind of redesign the room. Like I mentioned before(I still have to share pictures), but our bedroom is smaller. When we went through our bathroom renovations, we asked to make our bedroom the size it originally was, and that way we also gained a small guest bedroom as well! It all makes more sense, and flows way better! Who knew smaller was better!

Anyhow, since we were getting some walls redone and added, I thought it would be nice to also repaint the master bedroom. The original color was mineral water, and now it's polar ice! To me, a made a HUGE difference! Our room was a little too blue. I liked it, but it reminded me too much of a baby boy room. So we went lighter blue with more grey tones. In a way, it feels okay that we didn't do this from the beginning because now I feel like we are getting a real fresh palette with the master bedroom. 

                                            Mineral Water                                        Polar Ice

And now with the new start, we have been wanting a new bed frame but always pushed it until the room was ready. And now it is! Eeek, I'm so very excited! There are somethings that will be kept the same, like our bedside tables, lamps, and bed covers. But I can almost imagine the bedroom looking a lot different with the small changes I have in mind. Here's what I'm thinking...
1.We want this bed frame similar to the image. But one we want is from Urban Home and is a tad more grey. 

2. We also want a bench/storage area for end of the bed. Overstock  has a lot of nice clean looking ones too!

3. Longing for a bold rug to have slightly under the bed, and coming out into the room. Still figuring out a pattern though, liking types like these lately. 

4. New prints, and art is a must! And of course, Rifle Paper Co. prints will make a debut! 

5. And I think I also want to change the decorative pillows too! Pottery Barn has some fun bold colors!

Not too many changes, but big and small changes that can make a difference! Let the decorating begin!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Confident Closet

I have been on a cleaning, and organizing streak. It's not because spring cleaning around the corner, but because I finally have my house back to myself and can clean it! Woo hoo! 

I have been starting with my closet! Why? Because our clothes were placed in our guest room, and organized by piles. Yes, piles. A not neat ones either. But now that we have a new closet, I put things back. But I actually got rid of clothes. And let me just tell ya, I keep clothes for yeeeeears! But this time around, I got rid of 30 dresses or so! I can't even believe it. But I had to ask myself a few questions?

1. If I saw this as the store, would I buy it for myself?
This helped me a lot, actually. When seeing an item you're not sure about in your closet, and then thinking..."would I buy it now?" and your answer is "no", then getting rid of stuff makes it way easier. 

2. How long has it been since I wore it last?
I would say a 12 months is a good time frame.  If you haven't worn it in a year, get rid of it. (unless it's maternity clothes and your saving some for the next baby, then you're excused! )

3. Does it still fit me well?
This one may be depressing to some, but I'm not afraid to admit that my body has changed since I was 20 and I am way more than okay with that. I am no longer itty bitty. I'm still the same size dress, but I have more curves in areas now than I did have when I was 20. So some dresses that I kept, don't exactly fit me like it used to. Or some things are shorter than I last remember, and wouldn't wear that length now. So, that helps get rid of stuff too! 

4. Is it truly my style?
Oh man, this one you have to do some soul searching! Haha! But you know you have things that aren't necessarily you, and are hoping someday it will be! For example, I had a shimmery dress with a low v back. I loved it and kept it, but every time I put it on, I never felt comfortable or confident in it, and finally figured out it wasn't me. So...out it went! 

But now that my closet feels more bare, I feel like I'm shopping my closet in a way. Also, now when I am shopping for myself, I think about it more. I think how much would I get a use out of the item, is it going to be something I will keep loving, and will it make me feel confident every time I wear it. May seem crazy to ask these questions, but it narrows it down. And you buy less ordinary things for yourself that you may not even wear. I hate wasted clothes. 

So start this sometime this month, and clean out that closet. Honestly, you won't even miss a thing! 

Friday, March 14, 2014

Layouts & Plans, Oh MY!

I know, I've tried to explain to you guys before how my layout in my bathroom was prior to the renovations. But I thought showing the floor plans would explain it a lot better!

Here are was the format of the bathroom before. Can you see the L shape it was before. And the entry way to the bathroom was just an open entry way without a door. The only door was the one that separated the sink area to the shower, and toilet area. (with the giant window inside). And there was a linen closet on the right of the entrance. As for the closet, it seemed like we had a storage, but the rods were placed so mismatched with shelving that it became limited with space, oddly enough.

When we were coming up with the format of the new bathroom, we decided not to over complicated, even though it seems like it was when we try to explain, but in reality, a wall was knocked down, and a wall was added. (plus we added vaulted ceiling) Now, everything is one big open space. The bathroom even had room for a tub! It feels more updated and the space feels more concise. And the walk in closet is more open, and has longer rods, and it's doubled. We are going to add more storage space to the left side, we just haven't gotten there yet. And the right has a whole ton of shelves for shoes. It's so great! 

 Here's what we used to see facing the wall with the bathroom, and closet. Bathroom entrance was to the right, and was very dark with no natural light, and the closet felt small and not much hanging space. (oh and there was a weird nook above the closet. So bizarre)

This is what it looks like now. The door where the closet used to be actually got moved more to the left. And you can see the bathroom has tons of natural light. And the closet is more spacious. And as for the nook, it got walled up, and is now a vaulted ceiling inside. This layout makes more sense to me, and works way better for us too. 

Renovations seem scary, and in a way it kind of is since you're trusting someone with your home. But oh man, what a difference it can make! I think the key is to kind of have a plan of what you want prior to the renovations. We knew what wanted, and knew it was possible to do. It might have seemed weird when we explained it to the contractors, but when they understood, they immediately got it what our vision was! And I'm happy to say, we got what we wanted in the end and I couldn't have asked for anything more. 

Have a great Friday!


Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Embroider Me Pretty

I am all about embroidered tops. I have a lot of them. But the thing is...they are all years old! But guess what? Have no fear, embroidery is back! And it makes me so very happy! Here are a few pieces I have seen at the stores lately!

I love the simplicity of this white dress. Such a classic, and can be styled in so many ways! 

Oh man, this cardigan is so lovely! 

This black top is just my style! And can you believe you can pick one up at World Market??

I want this dress! I love how pretty and girly it looks! 

And embroidery shirts aren't all long sleeve. This for example has the daintiest sleeves!
And I just love the embroidery is the same color too, love that! 

Just so you know,  I'm totally stocking up on these pieces this spring! How about you?


Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Lucky Charm Marshmallow Wands

Today I had my nephew over for a bit. He always request to bake with me, but I usually have something in my pantry for us to make. So I knew he would be coming over, and would ask if he could help me make something in the kitchen as usual. So before he came over, I bought stuff to make Lucky Charm krispy treats. I've been meaning to try this, and it's a kid friendly. It's basically like a rice krispy treat, but take the rice krispy and substitute it for some good ol' Lucky Charms! Many people have done this so it's not my original idea, and the people at Lucky Charms sell this now individually packaged. But I decided with St. Patrick's Day around the corner, I would make these treats magical, and make them into marshmallow wands.

What you need:
Box of Lucky Charms
1 bag of Marshmallows
Star Cookie Cutter(Craft store or World Market)
Green Paper Straws. (similar ones here)

First, you want to follow the rice krispy treats recipe. I'm guessing most of you have made these. But if not, just click on the link and it's super simple. Also, most marshmallow bags have the recipe on them too. But the one change we will be making is substituting it for Lucky Charms cereal. 

Once you've followed the recipe and done with your marshmallow gooeyness, and have placed it in a 13x9 pan, make sure you flatten it with a spatula. P.S. I also had extra cereal so I took out the Lucky Charm marshmallows and added extra shapes on top. 

Once the marshmallow mix has cooled, you can start cutting you your stars. I picked areas where I added the extra marshmallow shapes. And you need a tiny bit of force cutting these. 

And here's the star. Once you have the shape, poke the bottom of the star with a paper straw. These straws are great because they usually come in fun designs, and are ready sturdy.
And just let them sit in the fridge for about an hour to make sure they harden a bit to their form, and stay onto the stick. And you're done! These are fun, and yummy! And let me just tell ya, my nephew loved them! Mostly, because he helped with the making of them! And I loved them because no sticky fingers! 


Monday, March 10, 2014

The Day Is Here...Renovations Complete!

We are finally done with our bathroom renovations!!!! I am so very excited, if you couldn't tell! This has felt like a very long process. Would I go through it again? Probably, but not for a while. I guess when you do renovations you expect to not have your space you're redoing for a while, but what I didn't realize was how much I would miss my privacy. I am so used to having my routine in the morning, and hanging around my house on some days and letting projects inspire me, whether it be baking, or some sort of craft. But in this case with having people over almost everyday at 8am and being at your house for long periods of time, you kind of have to plan your day according to them, and  don't have the freedom to do everything you normally would do on some mornings. (like staying in your pajamas till 11am!) Oh, yeah...and we hired contractors if that wasn't clear. City permits, and that whole shebang. If I knew plumbing, and electrical, and framing, I would be all over that, but I don't and city was involved and we left it to the pros! 

Anyhow, rant over. Now, let's get down to business! 

Here's the listing picture of our master bathroom. Don't let this picture fool you. The color of the walls were mustard baby poop yellow(and if you're a mom, you know what I'm talkin' about) Not a good color for a bathroom! Oh, and this picture doesn't capture the "tropical" palm tree maroon wallpaper boarder at the top. I did everything in my power to make our bathroom better, but nothing helped.

Our before bathroom when I painted it grey to make it look a bit better. Blah!

And our old shower with it's giant window. P.S. Who adds a garden window to a bathroom??? Weirdos! Don't miss this at all! 


And here's the bathroom now! It's definitely a blend of what Ralph and I wanted. Modern, and a clean design. The room also has high ceilings, so it makes the room feel bigger. 

Double sink for us for sure. And surprisingly, we went with chrome fixtures. I thought I would be a nickel finish kind of gal, but somehow gravitated towards the chrome. 

 My originally idea was to get white vanity cabinets, but the dark grey cabinets won me over, and I like the contrast it gives to the bathroom.

 And we got a tub! I can't wait to soak in it! It's almost too nice to even use, but don't get me wrong...totally going to use it! 

A glimpse of where the toilet is, tucked in the corner. And right above is a window.

Subway tile and hexagon tile were a must for me. Thankfully Ralph and I were on the same page with the tile. And our shower feels like I'm at a fancy hotel! I am feeling so blessed to have this space. Showering in this bathroom almost feels therapeutic to me. 

Definitely going to be adding my personal touches with the bathroom such as decor. Just one step at a time. Will keep you guys updated for sure! 

And as I mentioned before, our master bathroom, and walk-in closet were completely getting demolished since the whole space was getting reconfigured. So the new bathroom isn't necessarly in the space it was before.I will also share pictures of our walk-in closet redone as well. Oh yeah, we did some changes to our giant master bedroom too, and made it smaller, but gained an extra room as well. (which is actually original to the house) This renovation ended up being more than just our bathroom, but more on that later. This could end up being a whole powerpoint presentation if I included everything! Anyhow, renovations complete and I am feeling complete, oddly enough. I feel like I have my house back, and still giddy about the new additions! 


Friday, March 7, 2014

Around the World

Rifle Paper Co. has these prints of adorable maps of cities all around the world. I have been wanting these so much since last year, I think I may finally take the plunge and get the them!

Here are my favorites!

This by far is my favorite. Mostly because I'm in love with this city, and dream of going back all the time! 

This Parisian poster is just so classic, and love how they have all the good places to visit, including Sacre Coeur. 

I love how vibrant this print is! I feel like it represents, Rio de Janeiro well. (even though I've never been) 

The colors of this print are amazing! And I especially love this print because Rome may be our vacation destination! 

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

My Peeps

So, I know I'm a little ahead, and Easter isn't until the next month, but guys, can I just tell you how excited I am about these darling marshmallow peeps? I have had this idea floating in my head for months, and finally decided to do it because technically we are in March, and making these doesn't seem as crazy. My orignal plan was to do bunny cutout with a cookie cutter and figured I would wait til it was closer to Easter to find it. And while I was searching for a cookie cutter, I stumbled onto the most perfect thing ever! A peeps chick, and bunny mold! What?! I know, it was fate. 

So I started with my marshmallow recipe that I shared here. 
Then you need a peeps silicone mold. I bought mine at Michaels. (and don't forget to use your coupon) And pastel colored sprinkles!

Okay, now let's fast forward a bit! Once, you are in the last step of fluffing your marshmallow, you can begin to prep your mold. 

Marshmallows are pretty sticky, so spraying the mold with a tiny bit of oil spray before helps a whole lot when removing the marshmallows once they have set.

And then once you're done with your marshmallow, you've got to work fast. Marshmallows begin to set quickly, so I suggest getting a pipping bag and filling it with your marshmallow fluff and pipe into the bunny and chick molds. 

Then let the marshmallow sit for about 6 hours. I usually let it sit overnight, and continue working the next day. 

And look how cute they look when you take them out! Adorable! I shrieked with joy when I pulled it out of the mold! 

When you take out the marshmallows from the mold, they will be sticky, which is perfect so the sprinkles can stick. And with bunnies, I chose pink and blue sprinkles. Those colors for some reason remind me more of the bunny peeps. Oh, and for the eyes and nose, I made a paste with chocolate powder and water until it was the right consistency, and dotted the peeps with a toothpick(sorry for not taking a picture of this step) 

With the chicks, I did purple and yellow sprinkles. My yellow is a little pastel, but it works! And I did the same toothpick method to dot the eyes with my chocolate paste. 

And here are my gang of peeps!! Seriously, it's so very easy! You can make them too! I promise! The mold makes it easier, and rolling them in sprinkles is just fun! 

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