Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Bedroom, New Room

With our "new" master bedroom, we wanted to kind of redesign the room. Like I mentioned before(I still have to share pictures), but our bedroom is smaller. When we went through our bathroom renovations, we asked to make our bedroom the size it originally was, and that way we also gained a small guest bedroom as well! It all makes more sense, and flows way better! Who knew smaller was better!

Anyhow, since we were getting some walls redone and added, I thought it would be nice to also repaint the master bedroom. The original color was mineral water, and now it's polar ice! To me, a made a HUGE difference! Our room was a little too blue. I liked it, but it reminded me too much of a baby boy room. So we went lighter blue with more grey tones. In a way, it feels okay that we didn't do this from the beginning because now I feel like we are getting a real fresh palette with the master bedroom. 

                                            Mineral Water                                        Polar Ice

And now with the new start, we have been wanting a new bed frame but always pushed it until the room was ready. And now it is! Eeek, I'm so very excited! There are somethings that will be kept the same, like our bedside tables, lamps, and bed covers. But I can almost imagine the bedroom looking a lot different with the small changes I have in mind. Here's what I'm thinking...
1.We want this bed frame similar to the image. But one we want is from Urban Home and is a tad more grey. 

2. We also want a bench/storage area for end of the bed. Overstock  has a lot of nice clean looking ones too!

3. Longing for a bold rug to have slightly under the bed, and coming out into the room. Still figuring out a pattern though, liking types like these lately. 

4. New prints, and art is a must! And of course, Rifle Paper Co. prints will make a debut! 

5. And I think I also want to change the decorative pillows too! Pottery Barn has some fun bold colors!

Not too many changes, but big and small changes that can make a difference! Let the decorating begin!

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