Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Black & White

As I was looking at my clothes the other day, I noticed I just love the black and white color combination.  Don't get me wrong, I'm a color girl all the way... But oh man, nothing is more classic than black and white. Don't you agree?

And I now I noticed how much I love this combo when I go and drive everyday. My Mini Cooper has a white body, and black hardtop! So, techniacally I'm always ridin' in style with my car! Haha...Not!
black & white dress // pleated skirt // high waisted scalloped shorts // Panda shoes // black white striped handbag // Kate spade watch // Rifle Paper art / Audrey Hepburn Dancing - Hard Cover iPhone case 

Goodness, I want everything here! Can someone get me that Audrey case? Lovin' so much. Oh, and I've been eyeing that Rifle Paper print for a while now too! Dreaming in black and white today...

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