Monday, March 17, 2014

Confident Closet

I have been on a cleaning, and organizing streak. It's not because spring cleaning around the corner, but because I finally have my house back to myself and can clean it! Woo hoo! 

I have been starting with my closet! Why? Because our clothes were placed in our guest room, and organized by piles. Yes, piles. A not neat ones either. But now that we have a new closet, I put things back. But I actually got rid of clothes. And let me just tell ya, I keep clothes for yeeeeears! But this time around, I got rid of 30 dresses or so! I can't even believe it. But I had to ask myself a few questions?

1. If I saw this as the store, would I buy it for myself?
This helped me a lot, actually. When seeing an item you're not sure about in your closet, and then thinking..."would I buy it now?" and your answer is "no", then getting rid of stuff makes it way easier. 

2. How long has it been since I wore it last?
I would say a 12 months is a good time frame.  If you haven't worn it in a year, get rid of it. (unless it's maternity clothes and your saving some for the next baby, then you're excused! )

3. Does it still fit me well?
This one may be depressing to some, but I'm not afraid to admit that my body has changed since I was 20 and I am way more than okay with that. I am no longer itty bitty. I'm still the same size dress, but I have more curves in areas now than I did have when I was 20. So some dresses that I kept, don't exactly fit me like it used to. Or some things are shorter than I last remember, and wouldn't wear that length now. So, that helps get rid of stuff too! 

4. Is it truly my style?
Oh man, this one you have to do some soul searching! Haha! But you know you have things that aren't necessarily you, and are hoping someday it will be! For example, I had a shimmery dress with a low v back. I loved it and kept it, but every time I put it on, I never felt comfortable or confident in it, and finally figured out it wasn't me. So...out it went! 

But now that my closet feels more bare, I feel like I'm shopping my closet in a way. Also, now when I am shopping for myself, I think about it more. I think how much would I get a use out of the item, is it going to be something I will keep loving, and will it make me feel confident every time I wear it. May seem crazy to ask these questions, but it narrows it down. And you buy less ordinary things for yourself that you may not even wear. I hate wasted clothes. 

So start this sometime this month, and clean out that closet. Honestly, you won't even miss a thing! 

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