Wednesday, March 5, 2014

My Peeps

So, I know I'm a little ahead, and Easter isn't until the next month, but guys, can I just tell you how excited I am about these darling marshmallow peeps? I have had this idea floating in my head for months, and finally decided to do it because technically we are in March, and making these doesn't seem as crazy. My orignal plan was to do bunny cutout with a cookie cutter and figured I would wait til it was closer to Easter to find it. And while I was searching for a cookie cutter, I stumbled onto the most perfect thing ever! A peeps chick, and bunny mold! What?! I know, it was fate. 

So I started with my marshmallow recipe that I shared here. 
Then you need a peeps silicone mold. I bought mine at Michaels. (and don't forget to use your coupon) And pastel colored sprinkles!

Okay, now let's fast forward a bit! Once, you are in the last step of fluffing your marshmallow, you can begin to prep your mold. 

Marshmallows are pretty sticky, so spraying the mold with a tiny bit of oil spray before helps a whole lot when removing the marshmallows once they have set.

And then once you're done with your marshmallow, you've got to work fast. Marshmallows begin to set quickly, so I suggest getting a pipping bag and filling it with your marshmallow fluff and pipe into the bunny and chick molds. 

Then let the marshmallow sit for about 6 hours. I usually let it sit overnight, and continue working the next day. 

And look how cute they look when you take them out! Adorable! I shrieked with joy when I pulled it out of the mold! 

When you take out the marshmallows from the mold, they will be sticky, which is perfect so the sprinkles can stick. And with bunnies, I chose pink and blue sprinkles. Those colors for some reason remind me more of the bunny peeps. Oh, and for the eyes and nose, I made a paste with chocolate powder and water until it was the right consistency, and dotted the peeps with a toothpick(sorry for not taking a picture of this step) 

With the chicks, I did purple and yellow sprinkles. My yellow is a little pastel, but it works! And I did the same toothpick method to dot the eyes with my chocolate paste. 

And here are my gang of peeps!! Seriously, it's so very easy! You can make them too! I promise! The mold makes it easier, and rolling them in sprinkles is just fun! 



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