Monday, March 10, 2014

The Day Is Here...Renovations Complete!

We are finally done with our bathroom renovations!!!! I am so very excited, if you couldn't tell! This has felt like a very long process. Would I go through it again? Probably, but not for a while. I guess when you do renovations you expect to not have your space you're redoing for a while, but what I didn't realize was how much I would miss my privacy. I am so used to having my routine in the morning, and hanging around my house on some days and letting projects inspire me, whether it be baking, or some sort of craft. But in this case with having people over almost everyday at 8am and being at your house for long periods of time, you kind of have to plan your day according to them, and  don't have the freedom to do everything you normally would do on some mornings. (like staying in your pajamas till 11am!) Oh, yeah...and we hired contractors if that wasn't clear. City permits, and that whole shebang. If I knew plumbing, and electrical, and framing, I would be all over that, but I don't and city was involved and we left it to the pros! 

Anyhow, rant over. Now, let's get down to business! 

Here's the listing picture of our master bathroom. Don't let this picture fool you. The color of the walls were mustard baby poop yellow(and if you're a mom, you know what I'm talkin' about) Not a good color for a bathroom! Oh, and this picture doesn't capture the "tropical" palm tree maroon wallpaper boarder at the top. I did everything in my power to make our bathroom better, but nothing helped.

Our before bathroom when I painted it grey to make it look a bit better. Blah!

And our old shower with it's giant window. P.S. Who adds a garden window to a bathroom??? Weirdos! Don't miss this at all! 


And here's the bathroom now! It's definitely a blend of what Ralph and I wanted. Modern, and a clean design. The room also has high ceilings, so it makes the room feel bigger. 

Double sink for us for sure. And surprisingly, we went with chrome fixtures. I thought I would be a nickel finish kind of gal, but somehow gravitated towards the chrome. 

 My originally idea was to get white vanity cabinets, but the dark grey cabinets won me over, and I like the contrast it gives to the bathroom.

 And we got a tub! I can't wait to soak in it! It's almost too nice to even use, but don't get me wrong...totally going to use it! 

A glimpse of where the toilet is, tucked in the corner. And right above is a window.

Subway tile and hexagon tile were a must for me. Thankfully Ralph and I were on the same page with the tile. And our shower feels like I'm at a fancy hotel! I am feeling so blessed to have this space. Showering in this bathroom almost feels therapeutic to me. 

Definitely going to be adding my personal touches with the bathroom such as decor. Just one step at a time. Will keep you guys updated for sure! 

And as I mentioned before, our master bathroom, and walk-in closet were completely getting demolished since the whole space was getting reconfigured. So the new bathroom isn't necessarly in the space it was before.I will also share pictures of our walk-in closet redone as well. Oh yeah, we did some changes to our giant master bedroom too, and made it smaller, but gained an extra room as well. (which is actually original to the house) This renovation ended up being more than just our bathroom, but more on that later. This could end up being a whole powerpoint presentation if I included everything! Anyhow, renovations complete and I am feeling complete, oddly enough. I feel like I have my house back, and still giddy about the new additions! 



  1. What a sexy bathroom you have, it looks absolutely gorgeous as well as serene. Awesome job

    1. Thanks Jade! It sure is sexy and serene all at once! Haha!

  2. Applause !!! Looks amazing. When Alex and I buy a house we will have to hire you to help us out. Very beautiful !!!!

    1. Thanks Erica! Anytime you guys need help with anything, let me know! I love design and style!

  3. so so good!! it looks amazing! you've done such great things with your house.
    and i vote powerpoint, lol!!! we're looking into new homes right now, but most of them need renovations and they scare me. You inspire me that they can get done!

    1. Thank you so much, Beatriz! I will post more pictures this week of the other stuff we did. Although I was tempted to go picture galore on the blog!

      And yeah, looking for homes is a bit stressful, and can get overwhelming. But homes that need some renovating shouldn't scare you too much, promise! (looking past wallpaper, paint color, ect. is key) And definitely wouldn't go for a full on fixer upper! Fixer, but livable place is what I think is best!


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