Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Last week I started a project. And I finally finished it yesterday. I know I did a string art last year, but this time I did a string art without stringing the letters,, and stringing the exterior. All you need is: plywood, nails, hammer, and embroidery thread!

This all started because I have all these random size plywood pieces in my garage, and I found a large one that I thought would be perfect to put some sort of word or phrase. Since I thought the foyer would be a good place for this string art, I felt like the word "hello" seemed appropriate to see when you enter.  

 I went on my computer and tried to figure out which bold font I would like for my "hello". I went with "headline A" because it was simple, but still had some clean styling. Once you kind of figure out how large you want your letters, print them out and place it on the wood. I luckily didn't have to reprint, but you might have to if you want it larger, or smaller.

 Once you set your letters out evenly on the wood, you are going to need nails! I used 1" wire nails. And of course, you need a hammer!

 Then you are going to start hammering nails onto the corners of each letter to make an outline. And yes, you hammer on the actual paper. 

 Once you're done with your letters, you can start hammering along the egde of the plywood. You're basically creating a frame for the piece.

 P.S since the 'O' has no corners, I just hammered every couple inches. And really close to the corners to still create the curves. And once you're done, you can pull and ripe out each letter. Super easy!

Your plywood is going to look a little confusing without the papers so make sure you remember the shape of the letters.

 Now, you need string! I used embroidery string from Michaels. They have tons of colors. I think I spent about $10 on string. You can go with a solid color, but I wanted to kind of go with an ombre sort of look so I went with a few shades of yellows and greens. 

When you begin stringing, my suggestion is to first outline your letters. This helps visualize your piece a bit better. 

 Once you're done outlining all your letters, you can start stringing the outside of the letters. I start by knotting one corner and going from random sides to make it look fun crisscrossed. I decided to go from bright yellow, to light yellow, to a lime green, to a dark green. 

 When I got to the next colors, I actually overlapped some areas so it looked more like it was blending to the color. It also helped with the ombre effect.

 And here's the finished product. You can leave the wood natural or stain it, but let me tell ya, this project is super easy! And it's less than $20 to do! 

And here it is sitting in this random nook in the foyer. I love how bright it is! Now the nook isn't empty, and filled with awesome colors, and string!

P.S. If you're wondering whether I thought of Lionel Richie while I was stringing...the answer is yes! How could you not?! Had the song stuck in my head for days straight, just got ask my poor husband! And how amazing is this video. Gotta love the '80's!

Have a fun time stringing your heart out!

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