Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Mad Men 1969

I have been a fan of Mad Men since it first aired, and one thing I love about the show is their fashion! Who doesn't love it?? But every season, the fashion is slightly changing with time. Now in season 7, we are in 1969! It's still a tad sixties, but you can definitely see the 70's fashion pushing through! The dresses are shorter, the sleeves are bigger, and the patterns are more bold. As much as I miss the early sixties, the transition is fun to see, and I must admit, I'm kind loving the new fashion!
1.  Megan Draper type of dress! Very trendy, bold pattern, and mini! I can see Megan in this little number.
2. Daisies!! You need something with Daisies especially going into the '70's! Want this pretty little purse!
3. Cat Eye glasses are a stable for any classy fun gal! And those white frames, get me a pair!
4. These shoes are darling! I can very much see hardworking Peggy in these!
5. C'mon, we need scarfs! Scarf have always been on trend, but now in the late sixties, it's been worn in more ways than one!
6.  When Don was in California, I noticed the one piece jumpsuit making a break through. Very 1969 California!
7. With women in the workplace, they definitely need a bold luggage to travel in style!
8. These glasses for the the hippies, of course! Very cool, and makes any outfit look laid back.
9. This dress is very Joan to me. I can see her still sticking to her fitted dresses, but still in trend with the big bell sleeves!
10. White gloves scream Betty Draper . Although the times may be changing, Betty sticks to classic looks, and can rock those those gloves in 1969! 

Today, I'm totally inspired to wear some seventies inspired clothes! I love it! Can't wait to keep watching the last season of Mad Men!

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