Monday, April 21, 2014

Privacy Please

This weekend we kind of did a semi big project we have been meaning to do. We built a privacy fence for a side of our house. We have been meaning to do this since we moved in. We only have one neighbor, and the side that faces towards my neighbor's house is where my kitchen and dining room face. I actually didn;t mind it because we have a wall in between, but the wall is not so high. They have a pathway to the backyard on the side that I face, so everytime someone went through it, I can see them. So when I'm cooking, or enjoying a dinner, I didn't want to feel like someone can see me or vice versa. Oh, and the kitchen kind of faced one of their windows too, and their backyard. So if I was washing dishes, I could see whether they were swimming in their pool. The wall was just not high enough.
The one thing that gave us privacy was that tree to the right, except we had to cut it since it was right next to the house and we didn't want foundation issues. You can kind of see the neighbors window, and their patio umbrella. Not my favorite view.

And since we had never given too much attention to this area, and was a bit neglected, we decided to finally tend to it with a wooden lattice top fence. We hired someone, and they did it in a day! What a difference it makes! This is what I see now from my kitchen garden window. WOO!

And this is what we see from our dining room. Oh, and we planted those trees prior, but those colorful shrubs we planted this weekend. We are looking to grow plants along the wall to give that side area more a brighter, and greener vibe.

Will be sharing some other things we are planning to do to this side of the house. More ivy, and maybe planter wall boxes! But oh, what a wall can do!


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