Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Shopping on a Bargain

I love mixing and matching patterns, and sometimes wear things a little unconventional. But I always get asked, where do you shop? It's kind of weird for me to answer because I think what I wear is normal since I go to most stores that are available to everyone! No joke! The thing is that I usually just get some things from one place, then I'll go and get other things from another. Here are my some of my favorite places to shop:

Thrift Stores:
I know those places are usually a hit or miss, but I usually find great skirts, dresses, and fun shirts there. Not always, but it's my place to check out and I almost always leave with an item. I'm usually at my local Goodwill checking what's new. I'm not sure if these places are considered "thrift stores" but they kind of are to me, but Buffalo Exchange or Cross Roads is a great place to find used trendy clothes! I love going to these stores because I usually find dresses that are more unique items that you may not be able to possibly find in stores.

Why? Because they have great flats, and the jeans fit me great! And during the fall, they always have sweaters with fun designs. (very j.crew looking but more than half the price) And always check out their clearance section, they sometimes have steals! And right now they are giving an additional 20% your entire purchase! That's my kind of deal!

Kate Spade Outlet:
I love Kate Spade, but it costs an arm and a leg! So I usually go to the outlet and wait til they have mega sales, and they give you an additional 15% if you're a student or have AAA!  And let me make it clear, I only go here on the rarest of occasion when I am treating myself! They usually have things from past seasons, but I don't care, it's all great and amazing prices for leather bags with great design. And sometimes, if they have a "defected" item that is currently a new arrival at the Kate Spade store, they will sell it at the outlet. I just bought this bracelet at the outlet for $40 when it is currently still $98! It has a small tiny dot on it that is barely noticeable, but if you don't mind, I suggest taking a look at the outlet!

This place is one of my favorite places to go. Their shoes and clothes are mostly brand name with a huge discount. I usually go here for dresses, fun tops, and shoes! I recently bought some Jessica Simpson wedged sandals  that I love wearing. They are so comfy and got them for $35! These are an item that I wear a whole lot, and goes with all my outfits! These are the kind of things I look for. 

I love H&M. It's kind of like an older Forever 21. Don't get me wrong, sometimes I find things at Forever 21, but I more times than others find things that are just a little to crazy trendy. But H&M a lot of times has classic pieces with great structure. I don't go as often but I always find bold pieces. Like tailored coats in amazing colors, or skirts that are just my style! And now you can shop online which is a big deal because before it was only available to the UK. 

C'mon, everyone has a Target around them! This is one of my favorite places where I simply must resist to buy too many things! Well, they have great shoes, sandals, cardigans, shorts, and more! They always keep changing with seasons so I suggest going often! And sometimes something you saw a few weeks prior will be on clearance, so check those racks too because others are on top it as well! And you can't go wrong when they have big designers selling their specialty line for target. (i suggest waiting for weeks to get those because they go on clearance too) People tend to go the day it comes out, and end up returning a lot so don't fret, you'll get a chance too, and will probably get it discounted! 

Of course these aren't the only places I go, I shop online, go to other stores in malls and such. But my number one is always make sure you are not breaking the bank! I seriously cannot handle feeling like I spent more on a piece of clothing than a week's worth of groceries. (obviously there are those rare specialty items that you splurge on) But seriously, these stores, and clothes are available to all of you!!!

Have fun shopping!

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