Monday, April 7, 2014

Stuck in the Bedroom

Yup, I'm still having trouble finding the right styling for my bedroom. For some reason, I'm having trouble with colors. Here's the thing, I love white comforters(which I have) but I need a color pop from shams, quilts, and such. And maybe even a new bedspread. And for some reason, I'm not finding something I absolutely love! Once I have this down, I think I will be able to figure the styling in my room a lot better. I bought a grey and yellow, but the grey was too subtle and blended too much to my walls. So I went to the internets to find bedding online because the internets have everything!

I love this styling from West Elm! So simple, and cool. And I love these colors. I love white comforters because it allows changing color palette if you want to. 

Holy cow, I love this room so much from Ikea. I love combination of all the citrusy color throw pillows. I love how colorful the room is without doing a colorful comforter. 

Ohh, and this one from Pottery Barn is chic and easy!

Now, can one these places come and redo my bedroom for me!! Oh, well at least I'm inspired now!

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