Monday, April 28, 2014

Weekend Update: Cakes

This weekend was another cake filled weekend. My sister and brother-in-law(my other sister's husband) share the same birthday, and they both turn the same age! (and they went to the same high school coincidentally!) They really are birthday twins! Anyhow, we had a nice birthday dinner at my sister's house and it was so pretty! And I, of course, made the cake!

 Here's the cake I made! Yellow, and ruffled! 

And here's a iphone pic of the table. So bright and spring like! 

 And our outdoor dinner! It was so fun, and perfect!

And finally when we sang happy birthday at 11pm! That's how fun our evening was!

And then this weekend, I also made a SpongeBob cake. It was really a fun cake to make! Surprisingly, I have never made a SpongeBob cake, so I had to do some cartoon research. I usually do this with kid themed cakes because I like to do small details on the theme on the cakes!

 Here's the whole cake! It was so bright, colorful, and I really enjoyed being creative with it. This isn't an original design, but I did add some of my own touches.

 This fondant SpongeBob came out a lot better than I hoped!

 And finally, here's the pineapple house. Probably my favorite part! And I also added Gary peeking out of the corner. Love doing small details like that!

And that's a wrap up of my weekend! 

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