Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Weekend Yummies

This weekend was filled with cakes and cupcakes! We celebrated my goddaughter's 8th birthday. She had a very pretty tea party, and the Queen even made an appearance! But of course, I made the cake for her! My best friend sent me ideas from pinterest, and I then went and did my own design. 

Here is her cake! I made a purple rose ombre cake, and right above I made a tea pot cake with fondant. The teapot was easier than I thought. I have a round cake pan, and carved it shorter. And added fun bright flowers to tie in to the bright girly party!

And the following day, we had a family get together to celebrate my nephews birthdays! Today is actually my nephew's 4th birthday, but his big brother's 6th birthday was a few weeks ago so I made both their cupcakes the same. (P.S. I only got a shot of my 6 year old nephew's cupcakes because the 4 year old went in to the fridge and decided to do some taste testing! Haha!)  Both my nephew's love Ninja Turtles, so it seemed fitting to do fun cupcakes for them with that theme. Also, I loved Ninja Turtles as a kid so it was extra fun to make!

My kitchen is now recovering from all the baking and cake decorating!! But I always have a great time making fun creative cakes! Must remember the yummy outcome when I see my messy kitchen! Haha!


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