Thursday, April 10, 2014

Window Pane

I'm currently listening to the wonderful noise of drilling all around my windows. It's quite awful. It's loud and I'm sure my neighbors are hating on me. But the reason why? We got new double pane windows installed, and now they are adding the stucco and such.

I didn't realize how big of a job this window job would be. I knew they would have to drill into my walls, but for some reason I didn't really think about it, until 10 workers showed up to my house Monday morning and all this noise was going on! Anyhow, we live behind a busier smaller street so we wanted to get rid of some traffic noise. Also, we had a back sliding door that didn't really work nor slide, and wasn't too secure. But they got rid of the window, I didn't realize how much my room transformed! It changed it completely! I will share the pictures of it after once I don't have a mess and workers in the background, but here are some before pictures!
Here are our old doors! The screen didn't work either, and the natural wood didn't bother me too much, but now we got white doors are it made the space bigger!

Here's my instagram pic of the giant opening without any doors. It was crazy to see such a huge opening. I never notice how big the space was!

I will share my new windows with you guys next week! Very excited, but boy, just when I thought we done with big jobs for a while!


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