Saturday, May 31, 2014

Read a little

When I was younger, I read a whole lot. I loved reading, and still do. But for some reason I remember flying through books a whole lot faster when I was teenager. Yup, I always had a book on me. They entertained me, and something about imagining characters, and scenes in my head thrilled my creative mind. As I have gotten older, I still read, but definitely not as much as before. Makes sense since now as an adult I have more responsibilities, and less free time. But as I was thinking about what has changed, it all clicked in a second. I used to go to the library allllllll the time! I used to check out 5 books at a time and finish them in 3 weeks. I now remember pushing on my reading because I had a due date. I still read, but less and usually before bed.

So I came up with a plan to go to the my local library. Since I am still kind of new to the area, I decided to sign up for a library card and check these out I've been meaning to read. So, I did just a couple days ago. Let's see how that goes! I will tell you in three weeks how much reading I did as opposed to my regular reading routine.  Let the book challenge begin! 


Thursday, May 29, 2014

DIY: geometric wooden necklace

 A couple weeks ago, I ordered these wooden geometric beads from etsy. I got them in two different colors, and sizes. My plan was to make simple statement necklaces. And this past weekend, all my supplies came in the mail. 

When I got the beads, I had an idea of painting the beads with bold colors. I decided to use simple acrylic paint since I have a ton of colors to choose from.

So here's what you need:
-leather lace( I got mine in gold, and ordered here)
-acrylic paint
-geometric beads in different sizes in natural wood(I have only seen theses beads online)
-decoupage glue

With my acrylic paint, I kind of went with a bright summer color scheme. I had these colors already, but one thing to take note is that if you're buying acrylic paint for this, choose a satin or gloss. If not, do not worry. That's why we have decoupage glue to seal and gloss it a bit in the end.

You can start painting your bead. I used a metal stick to hold up the bead and it also made it easier to paint. I originally was going to use the beads as is, but since I got it in a speciallty dark color, I knew a lot of paint layers were due. So make sure to buy in the natural wood so the color can pop and painting process is easier.  After I painted a color on, I let it dry for about 5 minutes, and painted it again. My beads all had 4 layers of paint. 

As you can see, I went with lots of colors and brights. After I painted all my beads, the ones that have regular acrylic paint (as opposed to the satin/gloss ones), you need to use the decoupage glue afterwards. The reason being is if you you use regular acrylic paint, it tends to paint a little chalky and more prone to scratching the color off easily. Like I mentioned earlier, the decoupage glue acts as a sealer, and adds a bit of a gloss. 

Give your beads about 45 minutes to dry. Once your beads are all dry, you can start threading your leather lace into your beads and create designs and patterns. 

As you can see, I also have smaller geometric beads in natural wood color. I wanted mix and match the colors so I left the smaller ones in their natural color. You can paint those too if you'd like. 

Once you decided on a length for your necklace, cut your leather lace to size. And simply tie a tight knot at the ends. 

Here are my three designs. I love them all.

These necklaces are so very easy to make, and I'm sure they will make any outfit pop! Now, to wear them out!


Tuesday, May 27, 2014

neon lights

Hey guys! Hope you had a great Memorial Day! I spent the day with family in the morning, and friends in the evening. We just had a great day overall. But in all that fun, remembering all those military men and women who died serving for this great nation for our liberty and freedom is so humbling. 

Today, I wanted to share one of the summer trends I am seeing a whole lot in store windows. And let me tell ya, I wasn't a fan at first. NEON! It's not that I don't like it, just the color scheme I usually associated it with was with "extreme" outfits or raves! (never been to one but I just think neon would be everywhere! haha) 

But a couple weeks ago, something happened... I went to get a pedicure with some friends and I was looking at nail polish colors, I usually gravitate towards the reds or nudes, but here I was choosing a neon coral for my feet! This was a new for me, and kind of a big deal. All I kept seeing as I looked down were my bright feet, and then it grew on me. One of the reasons I felt the color growing on me was because it reminded me of summer and fun. I am more open to neon now because I realized you can wear neon in small doses. It can act as your statement piece, and add the pop of color in a fun way! You can start small like I did with a pop of nail polish or lip color and work your way up to a bright clutch, and before you know it, you'll be wearing a fun neon skirt!

So what do you think? You think you can get on board with the neon? I say we do it! At least try it for the summer! 


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Pretty Pastels: Frosting Tutorial

We don't need a special occasion to make a cake. I sure didn't need one yesterday. I actually needed to practice how to make a flavor so just decided to go all out and make it look pretty!

I made a mini video just so you guys can see the process, and how easy it is! You don't need to be a pro, anyone can do this. I promise. 

All you need is a cake, buttercream, color food gels, and an offset spatula. (a cake spin table would be useful, but not necessary) 

You frost one layer at a time. And make sure they are thick layers. If you think it's a lot, don't worry because when you smooth it out, you will be taking some of the frosting off. Thickness is key! And it's okay to have tiny gaps, the smoothing also helps cover those holes.

Having the cake spin table makes the smoothing out easier. But like I said, you don't need it. You are doing more of the spinning without it, which works too!

 Here's the only image of the cake smoothed out. If you like the look of the cake this way, you're more than welcome to leave it this way too! I almost did, the way the colors blend are pretty.

Then I did a ribbon effect all around the cake. I used the end of the spatula to make the look. It does not need to be perfect. I think the imperfections make it look better!

Final thing left to do is to decorate! I added pink candied pearls. I also added a pretty candle in the middle too. Why? Because I can!

See, you don't need a special occasion. It's someone's birthday somewhere! Happy merry unbirthday to you all! Now, let's go eat cake.


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

italian vacation

We are toying with the idea of taking an Italian vacation...and in the summer! I am trying not to get too excited yet, but I can't help it! All I keep thinking about is the yummy food, oh, and the fun clothes I can take! DUH! But here are a few must-haves I need to take if we go!

one / two /  threefour / fivesix / seven  

Dresses, comfy sandals, sunnies, an iphone(for lots of picture), a scarf, lip balm with color, and light weight crossover are just the beginning, but I think it's a great start! 

Now, to buy these tickets! Wish us luck!

Monday, May 19, 2014


Do you guys ever go on a rearranging spree? I do, a lot. A lot of times it's not so drastic, but sometimes I need a change. My living room has been set up a certain for about a year and a half. I liked it, but sometimes I felt it wasn't the best format. I then went around moving things, and decided I liked it a lot better! It's actually the way it was when we first moved into the house, and then we swtch it because it looked too bare. But since then, we have gotten new furniture that it looks like it works better this time around,

via hgtv
One rule to rearranging is making sure it makes sense with your space, and the furniture balances out the space as well. The space above would completely changed if there were't doors on each side. But with this set up, the furniture is the focal point, and very symmetrical. 

via bhg
This format gives you more freedom. Mixing and matching furniture pieces and feeling cozy. But make sure to make an opening so people go in and out of the space. This kind of space is the kind where you can throw in an ottoman or pouf. This space is all about flexibility! 

via zunetop 
Most basic set up is to place the sofa directly across the main focal point, This set up is practical to many, but when having a larger group around, it's a great idea to have ottomans around to make more a natural circular gathering. The picture above is a great example because they have a ottoman/coffee table they can move around.

Hope you're inspired! Let the furniture moving begin!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

House Updates!!

So I updated my home pictures! WOOO! I added just a few areas like my entry way, staircase, and dining room area. Not too many spaces, but boy, it took me forever to do! Go check it out HERE or just click the House Tour section above.

But here is a preview of a space. Look at our dining room before, and how it is currently. Of course I want to do more as far as decor, but I'm slowly getting there! Enjoy.
I'm sure I've mentioned this millions of times, but our dining room had green and pink victorian wallpaper, and gold oversized chandelier. 

And here is are brighter kitchen! A bit of a difference. Getting rid of the wall paper was a must. A bit of work, but worth it. 


Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Beach Cruising

My beach cruiser is officially ready to be taken out! Wooo! So you know what that means? A trip to the beach is in order. Last week my best friend came over to ride our bikes together and of course something was wrong with my tire. I fixed it this weekend, and now I aching for a beach trip. Also, this week we are looking at weather in the 90's here in L.A. What a better way too cool off. Here are some things I want and need for a pleasant beach day!

onetwo /threefour /five /six /seven /eight /nine /ten /eleven 

A cute bathing suit, fun sandals, and a big hat is must! And for summer time, a nice mani/pedi in a bold color makes your steps a little brighter! Oh, and that sunnylife radio? I need that in my life! I really do need all these things to have a fun day at the beach, especially my beach cruiser! 

Stay cool!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Bedroom Fabric Garland DIY

This week I will be attempting to give you more house updates. Key word: attempting. This means I must get my place organized. I love these challenges because it keeps me on my toes! I also am hoping to get some things for my place I have been meaning to buy. Throw pillows, bed sheets, and some more bedroom decor. But in the meantime, I want to share a fabric garland I made for my bedroom a couple weeks ago.
I wanted to do a fabric garland and thought it would be easy since I had already made a fabric chandelier for The Girls With Glasses last year. I went online for tips and ideas and saw that Little Miss Momma had made a beautiful one and for her bedroom too. The beautiful long garland went over her bed and that's exactly what I wanted. Since we don't have a headboard(still trying to figure out what I want) I thought the garland would be the perfect thing to give the over bed area more symmetry and color.

What you need:
Fabric squares 

I chose 7 colors that I thought would compliment well with each other and I also picked some similar colors so it wouldn't look too busy. 

First, you will make notches with your scissors about an inch and half apart to each fabric. Then you will rip apart the fabric pieces with your hand and it will give it a distressed look. I like that look. Gives it a boho sort of look. It will be the same sort of look at the fabric chandelier.

When you're done, you should have lots of shredded strips. Now it looks like you have a whole lot to work with instead of just 7 square fabric sheets. 

As for tying the fabric strips onto the twine, you can knot the top of the strip to the twine for a messy look or keep it more organized with the way Little Miss Momma looped the fabric onto the twine. I did it her way to make sure the fabric stayed nice and put. Click onto her site more detailed instructions. 

And here's the final look! I love this garland. I feel like it gives our bedroom more style which it was definitely missing! The garland also allows you to play with more color in the bedroom.  It only took me about 40 minutes to make, and about $14 out of pocket. And this doesn't have to go over your bead. I can see it in a nursery, hanging from a mantle, or even in a breakfast nook! You choose! 

Hope you try it! It's so very easy, I promise. 

Friday, May 9, 2014

My mom

My mom, what can I say about her. There are no words to describe my mom. Attempting it won't even do it justice, but I will try...and possibly try without being a blubbering mess.

My mom has always been my there for me. And not just for me, but for all my siblings as well. She treats us all the same and we equally receive the same love. Many who meet her immediately feel comfortable with her and somehow she ends up playing therapist to strangers. People feel comfortable opening up to her. No joke. She will spend an hour talking to someone at the super market and consoling them! So it's no secret that the person I always go to is her. 

I actually had a hard time not crying so much when I was getting ready to be married. Not because I didn't want to get married, but I just have something so special with my mom that finally leaving her house, I just thought I wouldn't always have her around. I was so wrong because no matter where I am, she always makes time for me. I call her almost on a daily basis just to chat. She really is my friend. My first friend I ever had. But my mom always and forever is mother first. Don't get it twisted! Called me out in my snooty teen years, disciplining me, and always making sure I respected myself as a women. But now as a married women, she respects my marriage and never butts in. But if I ask for advice or an opinion then she puts in her two cents in those conditions only, and trust me, she will tell me when I'm in the wrong. She's the type to tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. 

She dances at the beat of her own drum. She's spunky, and likes to wear what she likes without any approval of others. My dad has learned to love her unique style that he encourages it because he knows that's her! And all my siblings and I do the same. Her gifts to her usually include funky jewelry or shoes...and sometimes gift cards because we rather her choose! Besides her funky clothing, she is very funny! She loves to laugh, and a lot times it's at herself!  And she sure knows how to be the life of a party. People love to have her over because she is just so fun to be around! 

And the most import thing I love about my mom is her the spiritual influence she had on me. The way she passionately talks about the Lord and her faithfulness is the reason why my family is together. She is a women of prayer, and I hope to have the same influence on my children some day.  And I know my family isn't the only ones who see it. Just a few months ago when I was getting renovations done, my mom was over for a bit and spoke to a contractor for a second. A month after that incident, a contractor asked me if my mom was a spiritual person. I asked him what he meant. Then he said, "does she go to church?" And then, I said yes, do you know her? He said "no, I just remember meeting her a month ago and something about her is different and something about her shines. And I felt  that light was from God" It was weird to hear that from a complete stranger, but it's kind of true. My mom is different. Not just because she dresses in bright crazy way, but something about her is so very nurturing that you know that God is being transmitted through her even if she doesn't even mention her belief in God. 

I just hope to be like her some day. I know I get a lot of things from her already, like her sense of style or consoling people, but the type of mother she is was with me, that's what I want to be with my own children. That's what I aspire to be like. She brings love, laughter, faith, and friendship. I don't take for granted the times I spent with her. So for Mother's Day, show your mom how much you love her. And if you don't have your mom , there are plenty of women who have mothered you, and don't let their love go unnoticed!

Love ya, momma!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Mom DIY Gift Ideas

Mother's Day is just around the corner. Somehow, it approached way faster than I anticipated! This past weekend, I ordered supplies from Etsy to make some fun jewelry for my mom. Except, my timing is awful and my supplies probably won't get here on time. I thought I had a couple weeks! So wrong.

I need some plan B ideas, so of course I went into pinterest to see what I can find! My mom is definitely one of kind gal. She likes fun and unique items so nothing normal or too mom-ish! So some DIYed seems right up her alley, and I am totally on board with that!

This pom pom bouquet is so pretty and my mom would love it. Perfect piece to add this to a gift. 

My mom is the queen of funky jewelry. This necklace holder is perfect way to display her stuff!

I want to make these mason jar succulent pots just because. And I know my mom would looove this!

These unique fabric frames are perfect for mom. Nothing too cheesy, but still can add pictured of the family or grandkids. My mom is a sucker for those! You can even order instagram picture to make them a little more fun!

I love this mom floral sign. My mom would want to keep this up all year! It's just so bright and makes me so happy!

Hope this inspired you! It totally inspired me. Excuse me while I make my way to the craft store...

Monday, May 5, 2014

The Essence of Audrey

A year ago I did a style inspiration of Audrey Hepburn you can check out here. I was so fun that this year I wanted to do another since yesterday was Audrey Hepburn's birthday. She would have been 85!
 As time keeps going, Audrey's look becomes more and more timeless, why? Because her style was full of fashion staples that we still swear by today. And what people tend to forget is that as she got older, she stayed stylish and sophisticated.  Oh, that Audrey, forever and always a style icon! 

1.nude flats: A flat is a must! Simple and classy! And probably most recognizable shoe since her movie Funny Face. 

2.striped scarf: Scarves were her staple, but she edged it up sometimes by tying them like a bow tie like she did here.

3.hollywood glasses: Audrey let us know that big sunglasses are always a good idea, even in an evening dress!

4. chunky pearl necklace: Glamourous accessories were chosen wisely. They stood out, and were the bold piece like in Breakfast at Tiffany's or Roman Holiday. 

5. black vintage dress: A simple dress is all you need, but one that cinches your waist to create a lovely silhouette is a must and very Audrey.

6. red coat: A good bold coat goes a long way! She was not afraid of color, and chose timeless coats that would many of us would still would wear today!

"Elegance is the only beauty that never fades."-Audrey Hepburn

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Outdoor Space

We have been working on our backyard recently. I am longing for color in the space! We started by planting some colorful plants, and now I am determined to fill the space with outdoor accessories and furniture! 

Crate and Barrel blanket
Having a blanket for outdoor use is a must, especially for those chilly nights! (and course, make sure to bring it in for those windy/rainy days!

Yellow outdoor table
I love this table so much! The bright yellow amazing! This is a stand out piece for your outdoor space!

CB2 square outdoor umbrella
The shape of this umbrella is modern, and the color is perfect!

Fire bowl
A fire pit is a must in a backyard! Love the look of this one! 

Outdoor chair
I want this now! I can see myself reading in this perfect chair!

Patio ottoman
A bright colored ottoman adds a lot to a space!

Urban Designs Flower Pot Garden Set
I love these pots for even the front of the house! They are bright, and have such great designs! 

Patio rug
A patrio rug, for me, does a lot to a space. It makes it more inviting, and feel like a real space in your home!

Noted Foodie Garden Basil
A herb garden is always is good idea! I love planting my own herbs, and having a designated space for it not only is pretty, but makes the space smell great!

Pier 1 Imports electric paper lantern
These lanterns can either be hung on as spring light lanterns or even hanging from a tree. Either way, they make the space fun and vibrant!  

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