Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Beach Cruising

My beach cruiser is officially ready to be taken out! Wooo! So you know what that means? A trip to the beach is in order. Last week my best friend came over to ride our bikes together and of course something was wrong with my tire. I fixed it this weekend, and now I aching for a beach trip. Also, this week we are looking at weather in the 90's here in L.A. What a better way too cool off. Here are some things I want and need for a pleasant beach day!

onetwo /threefour /five /six /seven /eight /nine /ten /eleven 

A cute bathing suit, fun sandals, and a big hat is must! And for summer time, a nice mani/pedi in a bold color makes your steps a little brighter! Oh, and that sunnylife radio? I need that in my life! I really do need all these things to have a fun day at the beach, especially my beach cruiser! 

Stay cool!

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