Monday, May 12, 2014

Bedroom Fabric Garland DIY

This week I will be attempting to give you more house updates. Key word: attempting. This means I must get my place organized. I love these challenges because it keeps me on my toes! I also am hoping to get some things for my place I have been meaning to buy. Throw pillows, bed sheets, and some more bedroom decor. But in the meantime, I want to share a fabric garland I made for my bedroom a couple weeks ago.
I wanted to do a fabric garland and thought it would be easy since I had already made a fabric chandelier for The Girls With Glasses last year. I went online for tips and ideas and saw that Little Miss Momma had made a beautiful one and for her bedroom too. The beautiful long garland went over her bed and that's exactly what I wanted. Since we don't have a headboard(still trying to figure out what I want) I thought the garland would be the perfect thing to give the over bed area more symmetry and color.

What you need:
Fabric squares 

I chose 7 colors that I thought would compliment well with each other and I also picked some similar colors so it wouldn't look too busy. 

First, you will make notches with your scissors about an inch and half apart to each fabric. Then you will rip apart the fabric pieces with your hand and it will give it a distressed look. I like that look. Gives it a boho sort of look. It will be the same sort of look at the fabric chandelier.

When you're done, you should have lots of shredded strips. Now it looks like you have a whole lot to work with instead of just 7 square fabric sheets. 

As for tying the fabric strips onto the twine, you can knot the top of the strip to the twine for a messy look or keep it more organized with the way Little Miss Momma looped the fabric onto the twine. I did it her way to make sure the fabric stayed nice and put. Click onto her site more detailed instructions. 

And here's the final look! I love this garland. I feel like it gives our bedroom more style which it was definitely missing! The garland also allows you to play with more color in the bedroom.  It only took me about 40 minutes to make, and about $14 out of pocket. And this doesn't have to go over your bead. I can see it in a nursery, hanging from a mantle, or even in a breakfast nook! You choose! 

Hope you try it! It's so very easy, I promise. 


  1. Love, love, LOVE this! Was looking for some sort of fun tassel garland for the side of my new vintage camper. The paper garland was a royal pain to cut - this though - I can totally do it. Thanks!!

  2. Sweet! And I think it would look lovely on a vintage camper! And pretty durable too!


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