Friday, May 9, 2014

My mom

My mom, what can I say about her. There are no words to describe my mom. Attempting it won't even do it justice, but I will try...and possibly try without being a blubbering mess.

My mom has always been my there for me. And not just for me, but for all my siblings as well. She treats us all the same and we equally receive the same love. Many who meet her immediately feel comfortable with her and somehow she ends up playing therapist to strangers. People feel comfortable opening up to her. No joke. She will spend an hour talking to someone at the super market and consoling them! So it's no secret that the person I always go to is her. 

I actually had a hard time not crying so much when I was getting ready to be married. Not because I didn't want to get married, but I just have something so special with my mom that finally leaving her house, I just thought I wouldn't always have her around. I was so wrong because no matter where I am, she always makes time for me. I call her almost on a daily basis just to chat. She really is my friend. My first friend I ever had. But my mom always and forever is mother first. Don't get it twisted! Called me out in my snooty teen years, disciplining me, and always making sure I respected myself as a women. But now as a married women, she respects my marriage and never butts in. But if I ask for advice or an opinion then she puts in her two cents in those conditions only, and trust me, she will tell me when I'm in the wrong. She's the type to tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. 

She dances at the beat of her own drum. She's spunky, and likes to wear what she likes without any approval of others. My dad has learned to love her unique style that he encourages it because he knows that's her! And all my siblings and I do the same. Her gifts to her usually include funky jewelry or shoes...and sometimes gift cards because we rather her choose! Besides her funky clothing, she is very funny! She loves to laugh, and a lot times it's at herself!  And she sure knows how to be the life of a party. People love to have her over because she is just so fun to be around! 

And the most import thing I love about my mom is her the spiritual influence she had on me. The way she passionately talks about the Lord and her faithfulness is the reason why my family is together. She is a women of prayer, and I hope to have the same influence on my children some day.  And I know my family isn't the only ones who see it. Just a few months ago when I was getting renovations done, my mom was over for a bit and spoke to a contractor for a second. A month after that incident, a contractor asked me if my mom was a spiritual person. I asked him what he meant. Then he said, "does she go to church?" And then, I said yes, do you know her? He said "no, I just remember meeting her a month ago and something about her is different and something about her shines. And I felt  that light was from God" It was weird to hear that from a complete stranger, but it's kind of true. My mom is different. Not just because she dresses in bright crazy way, but something about her is so very nurturing that you know that God is being transmitted through her even if she doesn't even mention her belief in God. 

I just hope to be like her some day. I know I get a lot of things from her already, like her sense of style or consoling people, but the type of mother she is was with me, that's what I want to be with my own children. That's what I aspire to be like. She brings love, laughter, faith, and friendship. I don't take for granted the times I spent with her. So for Mother's Day, show your mom how much you love her. And if you don't have your mom , there are plenty of women who have mothered you, and don't let their love go unnoticed!

Love ya, momma!

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