Tuesday, May 27, 2014

neon lights

Hey guys! Hope you had a great Memorial Day! I spent the day with family in the morning, and friends in the evening. We just had a great day overall. But in all that fun, remembering all those military men and women who died serving for this great nation for our liberty and freedom is so humbling. 

Today, I wanted to share one of the summer trends I am seeing a whole lot in store windows. And let me tell ya, I wasn't a fan at first. NEON! It's not that I don't like it, just the color scheme I usually associated it with was with "extreme" outfits or raves! (never been to one but I just think neon would be everywhere! haha) 

But a couple weeks ago, something happened... I went to get a pedicure with some friends and I was looking at nail polish colors, I usually gravitate towards the reds or nudes, but here I was choosing a neon coral for my feet! This was a new for me, and kind of a big deal. All I kept seeing as I looked down were my bright feet, and then it grew on me. One of the reasons I felt the color growing on me was because it reminded me of summer and fun. I am more open to neon now because I realized you can wear neon in small doses. It can act as your statement piece, and add the pop of color in a fun way! You can start small like I did with a pop of nail polish or lip color and work your way up to a bright clutch, and before you know it, you'll be wearing a fun neon skirt!

So what do you think? You think you can get on board with the neon? I say we do it! At least try it for the summer! 


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