Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Pretty Pastels: Frosting Tutorial

We don't need a special occasion to make a cake. I sure didn't need one yesterday. I actually needed to practice how to make a flavor so just decided to go all out and make it look pretty!

I made a mini video just so you guys can see the process, and how easy it is! You don't need to be a pro, anyone can do this. I promise. 

All you need is a cake, buttercream, color food gels, and an offset spatula. (a cake spin table would be useful, but not necessary) 

You frost one layer at a time. And make sure they are thick layers. If you think it's a lot, don't worry because when you smooth it out, you will be taking some of the frosting off. Thickness is key! And it's okay to have tiny gaps, the smoothing also helps cover those holes.

Having the cake spin table makes the smoothing out easier. But like I said, you don't need it. You are doing more of the spinning without it, which works too!

 Here's the only image of the cake smoothed out. If you like the look of the cake this way, you're more than welcome to leave it this way too! I almost did, the way the colors blend are pretty.

Then I did a ribbon effect all around the cake. I used the end of the spatula to make the look. It does not need to be perfect. I think the imperfections make it look better!

Final thing left to do is to decorate! I added pink candied pearls. I also added a pretty candle in the middle too. Why? Because I can!

See, you don't need a special occasion. It's someone's birthday somewhere! Happy merry unbirthday to you all! Now, let's go eat cake.


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