Monday, June 30, 2014

Weekend Update: Sample Sale

This week I went to the Dear Creatures sample sale in Echo Park. It was awesome, and crazy at the same time. I have been to their sample sales in the past in Pasadena and it's usually held at The Loved One vintage shop. So normally they don't let so many people in at a time, but this time it was in a warehouse . They also collaborated their sample sale with Seychelles shoes, BC Footwear, The Loved One, and Zooey Magazine. It was great, but since it was at larger location, there were so many people inside, and not enough staff. But nonetheless, I got what I wanted because I got there early with a friend, and had a rough idea of my size so I didn't try on much. So I paid as soon as I could and was out the door fast. But later heard the line turned to hours, and there were technical difficulties, plus heat! You just gotta toughen up for awesome low prices.

Anyhow, I got a lot of things I have been meaning to get! I was in love with Dear Creatures Spring collection. I loved the colors and variety and I needed it in my wardrobe!  Here is what I got:

I am in love with it at all. I probably could have gotten more, but I had to have some self control. haha! Although I had a bigger spending limit since it was going to be part of my birthday spending,  I actually spent less! Woo! 

Plus I got free Zooey Magazines, and Seychelles goodie bag with cute stuff! The sample sale was so worth it, and I will continue going to them. All and all, my third sample sale from Dear Creatures was a success! I truly suggest people going! 

Friday, June 27, 2014

What I ate: Scotland

Now that we are planning our trip to Italy, one of the things that excites me the most are the different types of food we will be having. I love enjoying yummy food, and trying new things. So traveling and eating well is something I love.
We were only in Edingburgh for 3 days but got to try a lot of the food. 

We had lunch at a restaurant called Angels with Bagpipes. It was pretty modern, and right on the Royal Mile. It wasn't touristy at all, and it actually seemed like a lot of locals went their for their lunch hour.

I started with an Scottish Cider, and it was delicious. Still looking for it here in the states!

We had this 3 course lunch for only about $20-25. It felt like we were fine dining, but in a more casual setting. And the food was so hearty.

We also went to a Michelin star in Edingburgh, and it was very cool. It was called 21212 by Paul Kitching. It was such a fun expereience. We sat facing the kitchen, and got to see things get made. The place is a restaurant, and the space is more like a dining room set up, and they even have sleeping rooms above the restaurant. 

I can't remember exactly, but I think we did the 5 course meal. We definitely splurged here. It was the more expensive meal we had, but well worth it.

And when in Scotland, you go to a pub! We went to one down the street from the apartment we stayed at. It is called The Mash Tun. It's a fun easy ambiance with tons of locals, and they also serve food. We might have been the only tourist there, actually. 

We had bangers and mash, and it was so yummy! And my hubs had fish and chips.

Then there was another pub we went to, and of course my husband had to get scotch. I had an Scottish beer!

And then we had bread from a local bakery with homemade marmalade, butter, and coffee at the apartment we rented. 
Nothing fancy, but man was it good!

Scotland surprised me. I think it was my favorite places. And being there in the fall was just magical. The cold air, and the warm hearty food was the perfect combo. 

I'm very excited about Italy. I know it's no Scotland, and we are doing our trip in the summer, but nonetheless, I'm soooooo excited. 

Happy Friday!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

House Update: Living Space

I have never shared pictures of my living space. Why? Ehh, because there is a lot I want to change, and I'm not in love with it all yet. It's not terrible, but I am not a fan of the mantle, and mantles tend to be focal points to living rooms! Oh, the dilemma. But we are planning on changing this at some point. But when I see how it was before, it is worth sharing the before and after. After all, this whole blogs main purpose was to document my progress with all my home projects. So here it is, I present to you the space I live in, also know as a living room! Haha! 

Here's the BEFORE

The living room had a few issues. The color of the living space was this awful brown/olive color and it made the space look smaller, and dark. I wasn't too concerned with this, mostly because it's paint, and can easily be changed. But we did have to hire the job out because our ceiling is incredibly high. This picture doesn't do it justice. 

Also, the rug was a little shaggy, and smelled like dog urine. Fun...not! P.S. Not sure why they left those seats there. but we quickly got rid of them!

This is partial picture of the living room, but just wanted to show the dark color of the living space.  (can you spy the wallpaper?)

And here's our PROGRESS:
So, as you can see the mantle hasn't changed. Still the same. We plan on changing this. Slowly, but surely. Also, we aren't big fans of carpet, but we got new carpet as a temporary solution to the old stinky carpet. We eventually want to do hardwood throughout the whole house. Oh, and I painted the whole living space white. I needed a crisp white pallet, and figured I could add color with my own decor. 

Since our space is big, and a little narrow, I needed a big bold rug to break the space from all the carpet. And I added lots of patterns, and color. 

Here's our living space from the opposite direction facing the foyer, and stairway. I know the walls are a lot of white, but I like how big it makes the space feel. 

And here is a picture as if you're coming down the stairs. This gives you a better understanding of the format of our living space and how the previous owner carpeted that space only. Blah. But I've learned to be okay with it, and know that we want to change it eventually. You can also can kind of see how high the ceiling is! We added pendant lights to this room. We didn't have any lights but we had the electrical for it, and my Mr. Chang installed them for us! What a handy guy. (P.S. We had to rent a 15 foot ladder to install them, no joke!)  

So here's my to do list for the space:
  • New Flooring- carpet be gone
  • New Mantle- 90's goddy mantle removed
  • Possibly build built-in shelves on the sides of the mantle. 
  • Maybe another couch too??
  • Some more updated furniture pieces

So much to do, but we have come a long way. Keep you posted, like always!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Red, White, and Blue never looked so Good

Every time Fourth of July comes around, there is always bound to be a BBQ we are going to. And I, of course, tend to be the one to volunteer to bring dessert! Why? Because I love sweets and themed dessert is just so fun. Cheesing it up and celebrating this nation, nothing better!

Not sure what I will do this year, but here are some ideas:

Love this cake from Glorious Treats! So patriot, and love the banner garland they added! 

 These cupcakes are so awesome, I can't even tell you! Bakerella  did a great job making these look like snow cones! Love play on food. 

I love how bright and vibrant these rice krispy treats are! Lilluna made these perfectly!

I am in love with idea from Nurby. Such a yummy and easy way to make patriotic ice cream, make the cone red, white, and blue!

Weelicious goes with natural fruit and makes these adorable fruit patriot wands! Use fruit, and it's natural colors to make something so darn yummy and patriotic!

And finally, if you're more a savory person, this dessert is both sweet and savory! Eating Richly makes the best dessert popcorn ever! And if you want, you can modify or add fun festive M&M's!

Hope you're inspired to make a yummy Fourth of July dessert! Red, White, and Blue never looked this good!


Monday, June 23, 2014

Summer Wishlist

Happy Summer! Can you believe it's finally here? I actually can't! It is so very exciting. Too many things to look forward to. My birthday is in a few weeks, I'm going to Italy at of the end of summer, and mostly I'm just so excited for fun times! But since the temperature is rising, and I have a birthday coming up, here are a few things on my summer wishlist! Fun and easy items to make summer time just a bit better! 
Summer Wishlist

I love this skirt. I have been seeing it all over pinterest, and it is so fun and twirly! 

Top shop just knows how to make swim suits. This one is fabulous. The color, the polka dots, and the design, just can't go wrong! 

I love mint, if you didn't know that. I love the color soooo much. So when I see cute sandals in that color, I want! 

This smaller wallet is just what I need! And it is just so cute! 

I love this statement "i am happy" jewelry piece! Would make me happy just putting it on! 

White glasses are a dream! These are definitely on my wish list!

I love iphone cases. This one is so simple, but has so much personality!

A little glitter never hurt no one. Try some glittery gold nail polish for the summer! The sun will sure add some glitz to any outfit!

These J.Crew shorts are like butter! I am not sure why I never tried them before, just got my first pair recently. The chinos are comfy, stylish, and I need them in every color!

Want Endless Summer tee. Enough said.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Indoor Outdoor

Hey guys, Sorry I have been off the radar just a bit. I am planning, and have some DIY ideas up my sleeve. Just trying to figure out how to execute them. Too many ideas!

Anyhow, I wanted to share some rug ideas I had for my living room, and share what I just recently purchased. My living room is a big open space, and the rug I have in there is nice, but a tad too small. I shared here my rug I bought a couple years ago, and it is still what I have currently. It was a steal at $30 (clearance), but it was a 5x7 rug and I have been hoping to come across a 7x10. I searched high and low for an area rugs, and just kept being super picky about it, and the price was just so high. Then I remembered my $30 indoor/outdoor rug steal and decided to check those out since they tend to be a lot cheaper! And guess what, they also tend to have more modern designs, and are super durable!

So then I made a search, and Target's Threshold  brand had awesome 7x10 rugs for only $119(plus red card discount) To me, that's a great price, especially since that's their regular price. P.S. They totally aren't paying me to say this, but Threshold at Target has been spot on for me in terms of style. So good! Anyway, I normally would be apprehensive about indoor/outdoor rugs but since my current rug is just that, and has been so durable and has lasted me the past two years, I am a big believer in them. But now since I am looking for something bigger, I am just going to try an indoor/outdoor rug again, and the price at Target is perfect.

Aren't the styles just so modern and fun. The only thing I would be careful is with the coloring shown online. A lot of reviews mention the color tends to be brighter than the image. One review submitted a picture of their rug in their space, and I then could see the true color. (it was a lot brighter) But because of that one reviewer, I was able to decide on a rug! I purchased it, got free shipping(thank you, red card again) and should be getting it soon! Hope it works out! 

This is one I got:
In the image above from their site, it looks more mint blue/green, right? But in fact, it's actually a turquoise brighter blue. Some people suggested to go to the store and find the design in pillows and smaller size rugs so you know the color you're getting. Or if you are willing or to gamble on the color, do it!

 So what's the lesson in all this rug talk, try an indoor/outdoor rug! Cheaper, durable, and allows you to change your space up more often!  


Monday, June 16, 2014

rainbow of sandals

Sandal season is here! For me, it's been here for quite some time but stores finally know it and I love it. I have seen an array of sandals of all colors in so many stores. colored sandals are in. I love neutrals, but I also love a good pop of color on my feet. Here are few options for ya this summer!

 I'm pretty sure I need this whole rainbow collection in my closet this very moment!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Not Fancy

So my friends over at The Girls With Glasses did a fun parody mom video based on Iggy Azalea's Fancy song. It is so fun and hilarious, and I love it. I honestly can say that even if you're not a mom, you can enjoy this video!

Oh, and I helped with this video too! I love being part of the GWG fun!


Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Baking Happy

I have been making more and more cakes just because. Well, some have no occasions, and some are simply someone's birthday. But one thing that makes my whole baking experience a lot better is listening to fun music. It makes me happier, and I feel like my cakes have more love and happiness put into them.

Recently, I made a cake for a friend for her birthday. I had a fun playlist going on, and just really had no plan in what I was going to make. I just went with it, and it came out nicely. I really loved it, and it was simple, and very easy to make.

And what was my playlist? Just fun and happy music. Here's a small playlist of some of the songs!

I always suggest music when it comes to cooking and baking. More heart and soul goes into it, that it just makes the whole experience a happy one. 

Happy Baking!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Laid Back Summer Style

This hot weather, is getting me ready for Summer. And for some reason, my summer style has been more laid back, and I like it! And by laid back, I definitely don't mean not stylish! Laid back looks can be stylish with accessories, and certain pieces. Here are few laid back summer essentials I have going on in my closet currently!

PanAm t shirt A must these days is a t-shirt. It's just so easy to wear, and dressing up is so easy. A t-shirt with a great print is a must. And mixing it up with a bright or patterned bottom makes the shirt look stylish!

Red wristwatch A colorful watch is helpful to tell time obviously, but can be a statement jewelry piece. 

Striped shorts This striped shorts are perfect for a hot day. But so stylish too. Striped and patterned shorts are so easy to find these days. 

Straw fedora hat A fedora hat can make any outfit cool. I think it's an essential in ones wardrobe. 

Strap sandals Simple sandals goes a long way. They are comfy, stylish, and let's the rest of the outfit shine!

Crossover bag My favorite thing about crossover bags is how it just hangs off your body without any work, and can make your outfit complete. 

Ray-Ban glasses And last but not least, sunnies! You can be makeup free, and sunglasses can make you look made up. And of course, it helps it's a great pair that compliments your face. 

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Updating: dining space

Our dining space has dramatically changed since we first bought the house. Who remembers the vintage wall paper? You can check out the old space here. Well, I've been meaning to update our dining room a bit for some time now with some prints. Recently on a trip to Ikea, I found some fun prints that I thought would go perfect in our dining space, and were only $9 for a set. 

Here's the space before. I didn't mind it, but we needed something bigger in terms of art, and framing. 

Then when I saw the Ikea prints came in a pack of 3, I knew it would be perfect to fill the space. I bought some red frames to go with it since I have some touches of red in our dining room.

I added the frames, and I think it filled out the space a little more! I love that the frames also have the cute pictures of basil, rosemary, and lemons. 

And here's our dining room now! WOO! Slowly, but surely we are getting the space done!


Monday, June 2, 2014

Pastel Kitchen

Pastels are so pretty and I just love the subtle tone. Lately on pinterest, I have been seeing the most beautiful pastel kitchens. Something about it is just lovely. So I went a searched for pastel kitchen appliances and decor and guess what? There is plenty out there! You and I both can have a pastel kitchen if we want! Maybe start small, and work your way up to a pink refrigerator. Haha! Maybe the husband isn't on board, but maybe sneak in some small stuff, it may grow on him!
Pastel Kitchen

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