Thursday, June 26, 2014

House Update: Living Space

I have never shared pictures of my living space. Why? Ehh, because there is a lot I want to change, and I'm not in love with it all yet. It's not terrible, but I am not a fan of the mantle, and mantles tend to be focal points to living rooms! Oh, the dilemma. But we are planning on changing this at some point. But when I see how it was before, it is worth sharing the before and after. After all, this whole blogs main purpose was to document my progress with all my home projects. So here it is, I present to you the space I live in, also know as a living room! Haha! 

Here's the BEFORE

The living room had a few issues. The color of the living space was this awful brown/olive color and it made the space look smaller, and dark. I wasn't too concerned with this, mostly because it's paint, and can easily be changed. But we did have to hire the job out because our ceiling is incredibly high. This picture doesn't do it justice. 

Also, the rug was a little shaggy, and smelled like dog urine. Fun...not! P.S. Not sure why they left those seats there. but we quickly got rid of them!

This is partial picture of the living room, but just wanted to show the dark color of the living space.  (can you spy the wallpaper?)

And here's our PROGRESS:
So, as you can see the mantle hasn't changed. Still the same. We plan on changing this. Slowly, but surely. Also, we aren't big fans of carpet, but we got new carpet as a temporary solution to the old stinky carpet. We eventually want to do hardwood throughout the whole house. Oh, and I painted the whole living space white. I needed a crisp white pallet, and figured I could add color with my own decor. 

Since our space is big, and a little narrow, I needed a big bold rug to break the space from all the carpet. And I added lots of patterns, and color. 

Here's our living space from the opposite direction facing the foyer, and stairway. I know the walls are a lot of white, but I like how big it makes the space feel. 

And here is a picture as if you're coming down the stairs. This gives you a better understanding of the format of our living space and how the previous owner carpeted that space only. Blah. But I've learned to be okay with it, and know that we want to change it eventually. You can also can kind of see how high the ceiling is! We added pendant lights to this room. We didn't have any lights but we had the electrical for it, and my Mr. Chang installed them for us! What a handy guy. (P.S. We had to rent a 15 foot ladder to install them, no joke!)  

So here's my to do list for the space:
  • New Flooring- carpet be gone
  • New Mantle- 90's goddy mantle removed
  • Possibly build built-in shelves on the sides of the mantle. 
  • Maybe another couch too??
  • Some more updated furniture pieces

So much to do, but we have come a long way. Keep you posted, like always!

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