Friday, June 20, 2014

Indoor Outdoor

Hey guys, Sorry I have been off the radar just a bit. I am planning, and have some DIY ideas up my sleeve. Just trying to figure out how to execute them. Too many ideas!

Anyhow, I wanted to share some rug ideas I had for my living room, and share what I just recently purchased. My living room is a big open space, and the rug I have in there is nice, but a tad too small. I shared here my rug I bought a couple years ago, and it is still what I have currently. It was a steal at $30 (clearance), but it was a 5x7 rug and I have been hoping to come across a 7x10. I searched high and low for an area rugs, and just kept being super picky about it, and the price was just so high. Then I remembered my $30 indoor/outdoor rug steal and decided to check those out since they tend to be a lot cheaper! And guess what, they also tend to have more modern designs, and are super durable!

So then I made a search, and Target's Threshold  brand had awesome 7x10 rugs for only $119(plus red card discount) To me, that's a great price, especially since that's their regular price. P.S. They totally aren't paying me to say this, but Threshold at Target has been spot on for me in terms of style. So good! Anyway, I normally would be apprehensive about indoor/outdoor rugs but since my current rug is just that, and has been so durable and has lasted me the past two years, I am a big believer in them. But now since I am looking for something bigger, I am just going to try an indoor/outdoor rug again, and the price at Target is perfect.

Aren't the styles just so modern and fun. The only thing I would be careful is with the coloring shown online. A lot of reviews mention the color tends to be brighter than the image. One review submitted a picture of their rug in their space, and I then could see the true color. (it was a lot brighter) But because of that one reviewer, I was able to decide on a rug! I purchased it, got free shipping(thank you, red card again) and should be getting it soon! Hope it works out! 

This is one I got:
In the image above from their site, it looks more mint blue/green, right? But in fact, it's actually a turquoise brighter blue. Some people suggested to go to the store and find the design in pillows and smaller size rugs so you know the color you're getting. Or if you are willing or to gamble on the color, do it!

 So what's the lesson in all this rug talk, try an indoor/outdoor rug! Cheaper, durable, and allows you to change your space up more often!  


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