Monday, June 9, 2014

Laid Back Summer Style

This hot weather, is getting me ready for Summer. And for some reason, my summer style has been more laid back, and I like it! And by laid back, I definitely don't mean not stylish! Laid back looks can be stylish with accessories, and certain pieces. Here are few laid back summer essentials I have going on in my closet currently!

PanAm t shirt A must these days is a t-shirt. It's just so easy to wear, and dressing up is so easy. A t-shirt with a great print is a must. And mixing it up with a bright or patterned bottom makes the shirt look stylish!

Red wristwatch A colorful watch is helpful to tell time obviously, but can be a statement jewelry piece. 

Striped shorts This striped shorts are perfect for a hot day. But so stylish too. Striped and patterned shorts are so easy to find these days. 

Straw fedora hat A fedora hat can make any outfit cool. I think it's an essential in ones wardrobe. 

Strap sandals Simple sandals goes a long way. They are comfy, stylish, and let's the rest of the outfit shine!

Crossover bag My favorite thing about crossover bags is how it just hangs off your body without any work, and can make your outfit complete. 

Ray-Ban glasses And last but not least, sunnies! You can be makeup free, and sunglasses can make you look made up. And of course, it helps it's a great pair that compliments your face. 

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