Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Updating: dining space

Our dining space has dramatically changed since we first bought the house. Who remembers the vintage wall paper? You can check out the old space here. Well, I've been meaning to update our dining room a bit for some time now with some prints. Recently on a trip to Ikea, I found some fun prints that I thought would go perfect in our dining space, and were only $9 for a set. 

Here's the space before. I didn't mind it, but we needed something bigger in terms of art, and framing. 

Then when I saw the Ikea prints came in a pack of 3, I knew it would be perfect to fill the space. I bought some red frames to go with it since I have some touches of red in our dining room.

I added the frames, and I think it filled out the space a little more! I love that the frames also have the cute pictures of basil, rosemary, and lemons. 

And here's our dining room now! WOO! Slowly, but surely we are getting the space done!


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