Monday, June 30, 2014

Weekend Update: Sample Sale

This week I went to the Dear Creatures sample sale in Echo Park. It was awesome, and crazy at the same time. I have been to their sample sales in the past in Pasadena and it's usually held at The Loved One vintage shop. So normally they don't let so many people in at a time, but this time it was in a warehouse . They also collaborated their sample sale with Seychelles shoes, BC Footwear, The Loved One, and Zooey Magazine. It was great, but since it was at larger location, there were so many people inside, and not enough staff. But nonetheless, I got what I wanted because I got there early with a friend, and had a rough idea of my size so I didn't try on much. So I paid as soon as I could and was out the door fast. But later heard the line turned to hours, and there were technical difficulties, plus heat! You just gotta toughen up for awesome low prices.

Anyhow, I got a lot of things I have been meaning to get! I was in love with Dear Creatures Spring collection. I loved the colors and variety and I needed it in my wardrobe!  Here is what I got:

I am in love with it at all. I probably could have gotten more, but I had to have some self control. haha! Although I had a bigger spending limit since it was going to be part of my birthday spending,  I actually spent less! Woo! 

Plus I got free Zooey Magazines, and Seychelles goodie bag with cute stuff! The sample sale was so worth it, and I will continue going to them. All and all, my third sample sale from Dear Creatures was a success! I truly suggest people going! 

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