Friday, June 27, 2014

What I ate: Scotland

Now that we are planning our trip to Italy, one of the things that excites me the most are the different types of food we will be having. I love enjoying yummy food, and trying new things. So traveling and eating well is something I love.
We were only in Edingburgh for 3 days but got to try a lot of the food. 

We had lunch at a restaurant called Angels with Bagpipes. It was pretty modern, and right on the Royal Mile. It wasn't touristy at all, and it actually seemed like a lot of locals went their for their lunch hour.

I started with an Scottish Cider, and it was delicious. Still looking for it here in the states!

We had this 3 course lunch for only about $20-25. It felt like we were fine dining, but in a more casual setting. And the food was so hearty.

We also went to a Michelin star in Edingburgh, and it was very cool. It was called 21212 by Paul Kitching. It was such a fun expereience. We sat facing the kitchen, and got to see things get made. The place is a restaurant, and the space is more like a dining room set up, and they even have sleeping rooms above the restaurant. 

I can't remember exactly, but I think we did the 5 course meal. We definitely splurged here. It was the more expensive meal we had, but well worth it.

And when in Scotland, you go to a pub! We went to one down the street from the apartment we stayed at. It is called The Mash Tun. It's a fun easy ambiance with tons of locals, and they also serve food. We might have been the only tourist there, actually. 

We had bangers and mash, and it was so yummy! And my hubs had fish and chips.

Then there was another pub we went to, and of course my husband had to get scotch. I had an Scottish beer!

And then we had bread from a local bakery with homemade marmalade, butter, and coffee at the apartment we rented. 
Nothing fancy, but man was it good!

Scotland surprised me. I think it was my favorite places. And being there in the fall was just magical. The cold air, and the warm hearty food was the perfect combo. 

I'm very excited about Italy. I know it's no Scotland, and we are doing our trip in the summer, but nonetheless, I'm soooooo excited. 

Happy Friday!

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