Friday, July 25, 2014

Italian Getaway

 I might have mentioned it casually, but now I just can't wait for it, so I will scream it, WE ARE GOING TO ITALY! Yay! It's about a month away and I'm getting more and more excited as we get closer to leave.

When Ralph and I went on our first big trip after we got married, we went to the Caribbean, and the Mayan Rivera. It was so fun for us to travel together, we never want to stop now. He makes the best travel companion because we both are experiencing a new world for the first time, together. And it's just magical.

And last year for our Europe trip was so fun too, maybe because we were so far from home, it made the experinence even more fun. Going to England, France, and Scotland was quite the experience. The food, the architecture, and newness of it all was was something I want to keep on experiencing with Ralph. So when we decided to take a trip  this year, and we knew it wouldn't be multiple countries like last time. We tried to decide on a country we both have been wanting to go with different cities worth checking out, and that's how Italy came about.

We are going to 4 cities in 2 weeks. Should be so fun! Rome, Florence, Cinque Terre, and Venice.



Cinque Terre

*all pictures from National Geographic

I am so very excited. I always went on family trips all over the U.S. and other smaller trips, but traveling now it so different and a whole other level. I hope to have fun, and make sure it's a trip we both enjoy and will remember. 

Now, to practice my Italian!

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