Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Patriotic Pastry!

When it comes to celebrations, you know I'm all about it. Especially if it involves cake, and America! Two of my favorite things. haha! 

So in celebration with this good ol' country's birthday, I decided to make a red white and blue cake. And guess what? You can make one too. It's not as hard as it looks, just lots of repetition. 

So here's what ya need:
A cake covered in white fondant
Blue, red, and white fondant
A fondant roller
A leaf cutout
A knife
A brush & water

First, roll out your first color. I would suggest nice and not too thick.

Then you can start making your leaf cutouts. Press, and remove. Very easy. Also, I know you may be thinking why I used a leaf cut out since it doesn't scream America, but I just liked the pattern, and figured the red, white, and blue would give the patriotic vibe. 

Just a note: this picture is more for example, but you would cut out the leaf cutouts on a larger piece of flat fondant so it can make the process quicker and cut out a lot!

Then with your knife, you make a line indent onto the leaf. And make sure not to press to hard and cut in between the leaf. It's more of a light press. 

And there it is! Your first leaf. Now, go on and make about a hundred more! haha. Just kidding...well, maybe a hundred. I didn't count. But it is a lot! 

So here's the pattern you will be creating onto the cake. Just so we are clear, this pattern will be attached to the cake. Do NOT make this pattern separately. This picture is just so you can get a better understanding of what I am doing with the leaves. 

When creating your pattern, you will start from the bottom of the cake, and make your way around, overlapping the leaves slightly. And to attach the leaves, I just used a small brush with a tad bit of water. Also notice, I actually started with blue at the bottom, and created my color pattern from there. 

And here's the finished cake. As you can see, I kept the patterned going even on the top of the cake. And I also made a flag garland to really spruce up the patriotic theme. I want to have going here. 

So there ya have it! I told ya the leaf pattern would work. Well, I think it works. It gives it style, a makes it look polished, and best of all, it's so very easy! Just takes a little time. 

Now, go on and make one so you can show all your friends how patriotic you really are!! Happy almost birthday, America! Loving the good ol' red, white, and blue!

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