Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Tomato Living

Tomatoes and I have come a long way. I did not like tomatoes my whole childhood, even throughout high school. Actually, it wasn't until about 5 years ago I started eating them, and became obsessed. I don't even know what happened. I couldn't even eat a burger with one, and my plates were always spotless except for those red darn tomoatoes I couldn't get myself to eat. And then one day I went to a restaurant and tasted a tomato salad. And something so glorious was happening inside my mouth, I almost couldn't comprehend it. The burst of sweet and savory in this small juicy fruit over took me. I craved it. And at 22, I  became a tomato person. I eat them as snacks, I always want to incorport them in dinners, and if I could I would swear the sweet sent. Although Method did come out with a tomato vine hand soap last year, so I did smell like tomato!

I got so very inspired with tomatoes that I thought the beautiful color would makes a great hue to decorate with in the house. Here are some home decor ideas inspired by the delicious red tomato!

Glass Red lamp
I love a bold lamp, so a nice clean round red base is perfect to add a tomato touch.

Orla Kiely Pillow 
Orla Kiely does everything right. The color and pattern of the pillow is perfection.

Salt & Pepper Shakers
Pretty salt & pepper shakers are a must in the kitchen.

Coffee Cup
This cappuccino mug is perfect for my morning routines. And I think it would actually work too for some tomato soup.

Tomato Pouf
Holy Cow! Can you believe how awesome this tomato pouf is? I want one in every room of my house!

Jonathan Adler candle
Jonathan Adler can do no wrong. I love all his corky home decor. I especially love this tomato candle! 

Watercolor painting
I need this watercolor painting from Etsy. It's so lovely and simple. I can see this in my dining room.

Red Sofa Chaise
This sofa is sooooo fun! This sure is a statement piece but it would look so cool in a living space!

I'm so very inspired...and hungry!

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