Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Bedroom Redo

So this post really is a long time coming. Back when we redid our bathroom in January, we also did a small tiny remodel to our master bedroom. Not sure if any of you remember me mention, but the previous owners had knocked down a wall between a small bedroom and the master and made the master a big MASTER! It was almost awkward because it was obvious it was two rooms at one point, so the room just didn't flow so well.

So when we knew we would have contractors at our house, we asked about them re-walling the the bedroom so we could gain another spare room. The extra space wasn't necessary in our master for us.

You can see how much space we had in here. So much wasted space. 
 Our bathroom and bedroom are not in this format either, but here you can kind of see the crazy space. 
 This is the view into the guest bedroom/expanded master. We walled up right before the armchair. 
To us, this was a progress to how the bedroom used to be when we first bought the house. This whole room actually used to be a maroon color with bamboo border all around. But the first day we got the keys, we painted. So wish I had a picture of the waaaaay before. 

 And here is our Master now. We repainted the walls a light grey/blue color instead of the baby blue that was in before. 

 We also got a new bed frame. I've been dying for a new one! We are also planning on getting new bed side tables. Not yet, but hopefully soon!

 Our room is a light brighter and simpler, and I like it a lot more!

 Our room is smaller, but it feels right. We still have plenty of space still, and it just feels cozy. 

    And here's the view to the wall we added. We have crazy mismatched furniture, but for now it works. We eventually want a new dresser and such, but I'm just happy to have a normal sized master. 


  1. I love it, it is so bright and airy. You should just paint your night stands with coral chalk paint. And you could find cute white baskets for the shelf. I live in military housing so I will just dream of painting my walls.

    1. Great suggestions! Thanks! We are looking to buy new night stands, but great idea when I move my current night stands to my guest room! And I hear ya on no painted walls. I used to live in a fourplex where we could paint walls either! But pops of color in furniture, and decor were a lifesaver!

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