Monday, September 22, 2014

Sailing Away

I know, I just came back from vacation, and boy am I happy to be home. But guess what? This girl is going on another trip for work. Who can complain about that! Can you guess where? Some of these fun items would be appropriate to where I'm going! 

crusin' fashion

Thursday, September 18, 2014


We are officially back from vacation. Can I just tell you, it was magical! I love it all.

I wanted to share our first stop, which was Rome. We saw a whole lot of the city, and walked it all. Sore legs, but worth it! The days spent were always used up wisely sight seeing, and eating!

St. Peter's Basilica 

Small street for lunch

Pasta for lunch. 

Of course, the Colosseum. 

 The Tevere river.

And pizza! Melts in your mouth goodness!

A hot day at the Roman Forum.

Oh, St. Peter's. Such a beautiful sight.

My daily dose of cappuccino!

A sneaky picture of the Sistine Chapel!

More pictures coming of the our other city tours!
So happy we went, but even happier to be home!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Italian Getaway

So the day is finally here! We are on our way to Italy! So very excited to be going on a trip with the hubs. We have been wanting to go to Italy for sometime now and decided to visit different cities. We're headed to Rome, Florence, Cinque Terre, and Venice. Woo! Will definitely be sharing our trip on here! So stayed tuned for that!
 The only bummer is that we have family that are actually coming to town from Miami and we so wanted to see them since we don't get to see so often but it works out because they will be staying at our house while we vacate. Kind of worked out perfectly. 

P.S. If anyone has suggestions on where to go, let us know! Love the recommendations! :) 


Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Stylin' Sweaters

I am the girl who loves fall! I'm all about sweaters, coats, tights and boots. But over here in L.A., it's not nearly cold enough to wear sweaters. (more like mid to high 90's over here) But all the stores are ready for fall, and I'm so very tempted. I already bought two sweaters last week in hopes for cooler weather. These sweaters are just way too cute. Can simply go with jeans, a cute skirt, or even a dress. Here are some of my favorite I've been eyeing.

1 C'est Bon Sweater, I love it! And the striped cuffs are just so cute.
2 Peter Pan collars are one of my favorite. And I love this pink, and magenta combo.
3 Oh, the Union Jack! Ever since I went to UK, I love the good ol' Jack in everything!
4 This polka dot sweater is darling!! Love all the details, and the high round collar.
5 I love books! And The Great Gatsby is one of my favorites. I'm a sucker for the bold design.
6 Striped Sweaters are my weakness. I have many, but never enough. Love this one!
7 This 1970 sweater is so cool. It feels so retro, and I need it.
8 I have had my eye on this sweater. The yellow, and the bow? I'm sold!
9 Animal designs on sweaters has been big recently, and this fox one is a fun one.

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