Friday, October 24, 2014

Candy Corn Marshmallows

It's been a while since I've made some marshmallows, and thought since Halloween is coming up, why not use the holiday to create something fun! Candy corn is a candy we all know and associate with Halloween, and I personally don't love them.(sorry, guys!) I think they are so cute, and I love the bright colors but as the taste, I probably could do without them. So I thought making some marshmallows with the same color pallet would make up for my lack of love for the candy. And because I'm not a huge fan of the taste, I decide to make them lemon flavored. (and I chose lemon since the colors are so citrusy) 

Okay, so first things first...You need to make three different layers to this marshmallow. Here you can see the recipe and instructions. The only change though is I added half a cup of fresh lemon juice to the gelatin instead of water. 

And when you layer your marshmallow, make sure to work quick since Marshmallow settles quick. Once you have let your marshmallow set for 6 hours or overnight, it is ready to cut! I love seeing the marshmallow slabs! And don't worry about the edges looking uneven, the inside will look differently.

Then, you can start cutting them off into squares, or whatever shape your heart desires! The squares don't have to be perfect, just nice and squishy! And see, the inside looks a lot more even. 

And here is my marshmallow square. I like my squares to be thick, but if you want a smaller square, use a larger pan to spread the marshmallow thinner. 

Now enjoy your candy corn lemon flavored marshmallow. Haha! I can't stop staring at them. P.S. My best friend says these marshmallows taste like lemon meringue pies. Hmmm, I think it's true. Now to my next marshmallow project, Lemon Meringue Marshmallows! Coming soon, so stay tuned! 

Happy Friday!

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